Experts Picks Guarantee

The guarantee is simple: If you don't win, you don't pay

"We only make money when you do" This unique guarantee means that our business only profits when we provide winning advice to our customers on daily guaranteed picks or multi-pick packages. Our team of world-class handicappers is completely devoted to providing superior results to our clients, and our guarantee ensures you see profit, providing a value-added service with unmatched levels of quality and integrity.

"No charge is applied if your pick doesn't win" When you make a purchase at Covers Experts, an approval is authorized on your credit card for the amount of your purchase, but your credit card is not charged until the game is over and if the pick won. Overnight the winning plays are billed and the losing plays are voided.

"Your pick package must show a net profit" In the case of multi-pick packages, where an Expert places their advice in a package of three to five plays, the package must be profitable before we will charge you for the purchase.

"True Grading System - TGS" Another industry leading sports betting product developed by Covers Experts for our clients. This product ensures clients receive the latest odds available - on ALL sports selections they purchase from our Team of Experts - so the client is able to wager on selections at only the latest market prices. NO other handicapping service offers this product to clients - You will only find TGS here. At Covers Experts we want to be fully transparent - Our only goal is to provide our clients value when they join our service.

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Subscription Savings

In addition to our Guaranteed Picks, we also offer popular weekly and monthly Pick Subscriptions. Subscriptions give you access to every pick from your favorite handicapper at a savings of over 60% on the cost of daily picks. Because of the cost savings, the "don't win, don't pay " guarantee does not apply to subscription picks.

Our Commitment To You

The Covers Experts represent accuracy, honesty and integrity while providing clients with the best service and highest quality advice, products and services. That means offering any degree of personal service required to reach customer satisfaction. The Covers Experts customer service department is always available to answer any questions. Guaranteed selections prove we are confident the Covers Experts will fulfill your expectations.

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