Rogers' Friday Night FIGHT >> Off WINNER on B.C. Thursday
Release Date: Sep 13 - 9:34 PM

"The Coach" said it would only be a MATTER OF TIME before he started turning things around. Sure enough, he started the College Football weekend with a BIG winner on Boston College! There's another one coming for Friday as Rogers is picking a FIGHT with the books on Georgia State vs. Memphis!

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Last 10 Picks 2 - 8 ( 20% )
Feb 17 W NCAAB St. Bonaventure 1000
Feb 17 L NHL Washington -1400
Feb 17 L NBA Team Giannis -660
Feb 16 L NCAAB Tennessee -1044
Feb 16 L NHL Edmonton -1600
Feb 16 L NCAAB Over -1125
Feb 16 L NCAAB Texas Christian -1100
Feb 16 L NCAAB Indiana St. -990
Feb 15 L NCAAB Toledo -1080
Feb 14 W NHL St. Louis 800
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