Schule's MLB T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-O-R - +$10,084 MLB Run!
Release Date: Apr 14 - 10:25 PM

**WARNING** Schule's MLB plays are known to cause increased heart rate and an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Playing these on a regular basis can result in an increase of disposable cash and can cause your bankroll to swell uncontrollably. It is not recommended to participate in these wagers if you have any allergic reactions to COLD HARD CASH!

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Last 10 Picks 5 - 5 ( 50% )
Apr 24 W MLB Colorado 1000
Apr 24 L Premier League Over -1200
Apr 24 L NHL Washington to win Series -1240
Apr 23 W NBA Portland 800
Apr 23 W NBA Denver 1000
Apr 23 W NHL Boston to win Series 800
Apr 23 L MLB Under -1050
Apr 23 L NHL Vegas to win Series -880
Apr 23 L NHL Vegas Golden Knights to Win Cup -500
Apr 22 W NHL Dallas 1000
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