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Our objective at Covers Experts is to provide you with the most valuable sports betting information available on a daily basis. If you wager once a year or four times a day, we guarantee to provide you with the best wagering advice and tools.

We offer articles to build up your overall knowledge, guaranteed advice to optimize your revenue and subscription services to help you with your long-term goals.

We value your patronage and if you need anything explained or have a question please contact us.

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Have a question for one of our customer service reps regarding your purchase or payment process?

Call 1-800-840-9677 (INT: 00-44-808-164-8079) or send us an email.

Live Support Hours:
April – August: 10am - 9pm EST Monday to Friday and 9am - 8pm EST on Saturday and Sunday
September – March: 10am - 9pm EST Monday to Friday and 9am - 9pm EST on Saturday and Sunday

How To Get Started

Before you can make a purchase from one of our handicappers, you will need a Covers Experts account. If you have not created a Covers account, you can do so here.

Once you have a Covers username, you will need to activate it as a Covers Experts account. To do this, simply add a credit card to your account by updating your billing information here. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for all purchases.

If your verification does not immediately go through, follow the on-screen instructions and/or check your email for further details.

Purchasing Individual Picks

To browse and purchase our available picks, use the newly updated Shop Picks function found near the top of any Covers Experts page. You can sort our products by Sports/League, Pick/Subscription Type, Handicapper and Price in any combination of the four categories. Select multiple options to truly refine your search!

When you find the pick(s) you would like to purchase, select either the Guaranteed or Non-Guaranteed option. Click ‘Buy Now’ to add it to your cart. If you are unsure of the difference between Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed, or want more clarification on our Guaranteed offer, you can do so here.

When you have settled on your pick(s), select the cart icon in the bottom corner to view all picks you have added. If you want to add/remove any picks, you can do so at this time as well. Click on Check-Out when you are ready.

When your purchase has been confirmed, your picks will be displayed within your My Experts section.

How Pick Packs Work

On occasion our Covers Experts will release pick-packages of 3, 5 or 7 games intended to be bet as individual picks. These can be found and sorted through Shop Picks the same way as the individual picks detailed above. Pick packs will provide generous savings and will still be available with our Guaranteed offer. If the pick pack does not produce a profit, you will not be charged.

When your purchase has been confirmed, your picks will be displayed within your My Experts section.

How Subscription Services Work

The best bang for your buck will come through our Subscription services. You can purchase Subscriptions from any of our handicappers, with options ranging from 3-Days to Yearly subs. These can also be sorted and viewed through the Shop Picks tab. While Subscriptions do not offer the same Guarantee available on individual picks or pick-packs, they do offer significant savings.

When buying a subscription, the purchase will be applied directly to your credit card at that time. Once the purchase is processed, you can view all of your available picks within your My Experts section.

If you are wondering how much time you have remaining on a subscription, or want to view your active subscriptions, select the Manage Subscriptions tab from the My Experts screen.

If at any point you would like to change handicappers, you can contact our Customer Support team and request a switch to a different Covers Expert. Weekly Subscribers will be allowed to switch Experts once during their subscription, while Monthly Subscribers will be allowed a maximum of two switches. Any exceptions made are at the discretion of Covers-Team Management.

We can also offer to Pause or Suspend your Subscription if needed. Pausing/suspending a Subscription after seeing picks on future games or while there are no plays available in an attempt to gain more time on your Subscription is not allowed. This pause/suspend feature (a request made to Customer Support) is to be used when a user needs their subscription to be suspended due to circumstances whereby they are unable to retrieve their picks. The amount you pay for a Weekly or Monthly Subscription is based on that allotted amount of time and not more; 7 and 31 days respectively. If there are days in which your Expert does not make picks, a request may be submitted to Customer Support to extend the subscription that amount of days. This does not guarantee a pick every day of a subscription.

Any request to pause/suspend a subscription will take affect at the earliest available live support hour and the minimum time of 72 hours must then pass before a request to re-activate it is allowed. Any request to re-activate the subscription will then be put through at the earliest available live support hour.

Pick Notifications

One of the advantages of Subscription services is the option to be notified of pending picks via email. All active Covers Experts subscribers will automatically receive pick notification emails. To unsubscribe from these pick alert emails, select the Alerts tab from the My Experts section of Covers Experts and un-check the ‘Receive Pick Alert Emails’ option.

How Picks Are Rated

Any pick you get from our Experts will be given a star rating, marked with a *. This number corresponds with the number of units the handicapper is wagering on that pick: 1* being the lowest rated, 10* being the highest rated. No play will exceed a 10* rating. Paid picks will range from 2* - 10*; with 1* picks reserved for Free Picks.

Our handicappers use $100 as their unit, so 1* = $100, 10* = $1,000. This means a 10* bet on a favorite is betting enough to win $1000, while a 10* bet on an underdog is risking $1000. That ratio keeps true from 1-10* plays.

How We Grade Your Picks

We offer the best method for customers in the industry. Every time that you purchase a guaranteed pick, a dynamic line/odd is listed from one of our recommended Sportsbooks. The line/odd that is listed will determine whether you will be billed for that analysis based on the pick winning or losing (or push).

Purchase History

To view your purchase history, select Billed Transactions from the My Experts section of Covers Experts.

Promotional Offers

As a new Covers Experts customer, you have a handful of promo codes available to you straight away. To view these offers, select the My Offers tab from the My Experts section of Covers Experts. These codes can be entered in your shopping cart prior to checking out.

Covers Experts Records

The records of each handicapper’s last 10 picks are shown on their individual pages. In addition, any of the Covers Experts pages have a sortable Handicapper Records brick which can be filtered by week/month or by sport.

If at any time you would like to see additional records for our Covers Experts, simply email us and let us know which records you would like provided. Those will be sent to you at the earliest available live support hour.

Where To Bet

While we are not a Sportsbook, and therefore unable to take bets, we do offer plenty of tools to make the best decision. Visit our Where to Bet section for reviews and available offers from applicable online books.

Your Security

Your security is highly valued at Covers Experts.

Free Picks

Our Experts provide several free picks a week. While these are lower rated picks, they are great opportunities to start tailing handicappers and get a feel for who you are comfortable with. The handicappers also offer articles to increase your overall sports wagering knowledge. Our Experts have the most current sports information available in the world.

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