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Our objective at Covers Experts is to provide you with the most valuable sports information available on a daily basis. If you wager once a year or four times a day, we guarantee to provide you with the best wagering advice and tools.

We offer articles to build up your overall knowledge, guaranteed advice to optimize your revenue and subscription services to help you with your long-term goals.

We value your patronage and if you need anything explained or have a question please contact us. We are the only website in the industry this customer oriented.

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Have a question for one of our customer service reps regarding your purchase or payment process?

Call 1-800-840-9677 (INT: 00-44-808-164-8079) or send us an email.

Live Support Hours:
April – August: 10am - 9pm EST Monday to Friday and 9am - 8pm EST on Saturday and Sunday
September – March: 10am - 9pm EST Monday to Friday and 9am - 9pm EST on Saturday and Sunday

How to Use our Site

Purchasing Guaranteed Plays

Visit the daily picks section or any of the individual Expert pages on Covers Experts to purchase a guaranteed to win selection.

Click the add to cart icon next to the play(s) you are interested in purchasing, then click Checkout. You will be taken step-by-step through our secure payment process, where you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diner's Club to make your purchase.

When you make a purchase at Covers Experts, an approval is authorized on your credit card for the amount of the purchase. Overnight the winning plays are billed and the losing plays are voided. No charge will be applied for advice that does not profit.

How do multiple advice packages work?

Covers Experts sports analysts can place their advice in packages of two to five plays. The selections must show you a profit in order for the expert to charge you for the analysis.

How do subscriptions work?

Subscriptions can be purchased on any of the individual Expert pages. Click the add to cart icon next to the subscription you are interested in purchasing, then click Checkout. You will be taken step-by-step through our secure payment process. The purchase will be applied directly to your credit card. Once your payment is complete you will be able to login to the My Account section and view your advice for the duration of the subscription, be it weekly, monthly or seasonal.

Weekly Subscribers will be allowed to switch Experts once during their subscription, while Monthly Subscribers will be allowed a maximum of 2 switches. Any exceptions made are at the discretion of the Covers-Team Management.

Pausing/suspending a subscription after seeing picks on future games or while there are no plays available; both in an attempt to gain more time on your subscription is not allowed. This pause/suspend feature (a request made to Customer Support) is to be used when a user needs their subscription to be suspended due to circumstances whereby they are unable to retrieve their picks (vacation, illness, internet issues, other personal reasons, etc.). The amount you pay for a Weekly or Monthly Subscription is based on that allotted amount of time and not more; 7 and 31 days respectively. If there is a day or days in which your Expert does not make picks, a request may be submitted to Customer Support to extend the subscription that amount of days.

Any request to pause/suspend a subscription will take affect 12 hours later (or at the earliest available live support hour) and the minimum time of 72 hours must then pass before a request to re-activate it is allowed. Any request to re-activate the subscription will then be 12 hours from the request time (or at the earliest available live support hour).

Easy ID for Repeat Customers

When you purchase for the first time you will select a username and password. Once you select that information you will be able to use that same information to purchase every day of the year. Click My Account to sign in.

Your security

Your security is highly valued at Covers Experts.

Connectivity Issues

Some of our users may experience connectivity issues related to older browsers that do not support our security standards. Covers Experts values our relationship with our customers, and we take the protection of our customers' data very seriously. If you experience issues related to SSL or TLS, it could mean that your browser does not support TLS 1.1 or higher. We recommend that you upgrade your browser to level that supports TLS 1.1 or higher as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please email our customer service team.

Pick Notification

Use our notification system to update you on recent sports opportunities. Receive e-mail notification based on your favorite experts and favorite sports. Become a member and set up your notification today on the My Account Page.

Review your Account

Visit the My Account section and login to review your transactions, purchased picks, billed picks, subscription analysis or subscription history.

Results from the Experts

Past results are displayed on each Experts individual page.

How do we grade our plays?

We offer the best method for customers in the industry. Every time that you make a purchase a dynamic line/odd is listed from one of our recommended Sportsbooks. The line/odd that is listed will determine whether or not you would be billed for that analysis. If a line does not appear within your analysis, then this game will be manually graded with a consensus of our recommended Sportsbooks.

Complimentary Picks

Our Experts provide a minimum of three complimentary selections per week. That's free advice for over 30 expert situations per week. Our sports advisors also offer articles to increase your overall sports wagering knowledge. Our Experts have the most current sports information available in the world.

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