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Last 10 Picks 7 - 3 ( 70% )
May 21 W MLB Colorado 900
May 19 W MLB Chi. Cubs 900
May 18 W MLB San Francisco 900
May 18 L NBA Portland -981
May 18 L NBA Over -927
May 17 W NBA Milwaukee 900
May 17 W NBA Over 900
May 17 L MLB Over -1125
May 16 W NBA Portland 900
May 16 W NBA Over 900
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Expert's Edge
About Zack

Age: 32


Since the age of 16, Zack Cimini has had a hand in the sports handicapping field. His early starts involved being a ghostwriter for a former prominent Vegas based company. After graduating from college in 2007 he entered the field of retail management. A beneficial experience that truly had no shortcuts. The job had a crucial benefit of a three on and three off schedule that allowed him to reshape and hone in on his handicapping techniques.

Commonly he would take the short trek via a four and a half hour drive or forty-five minute flight to Las Vegas. He began to see common errors by himself and his friends that would derail chances for profits. 2012 was where his ascent as a handicapper began to take place. During that football season he had only one losing weekend the entire year (Thanks Brady Quinn in your last NFL start as a seven point underdog to Carolina). The following summer Zack moved to Las Vegas permanently. Now the reverse trek occurs back to Arizona to visit his family/friends and old retail buddies.

How can you beat a location of Las Vegas that is literally hours away from great cities such as Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City? It's a great city that is a paradise to watch multiple sporting events at once. No longer does he have to spend extra hours devoted on reviewing teams as the work can be done via a sportsbook.

Achievements in Handicapping/Sports

In both the 2014 and 2015 NFL seasons Zack finished as the top percentage handicapper in the country. His overall results in 2014 were 44-22-1 ATS that featured a 65.3%. He followed that up this past year with a 46-23-1 record ATS which correlated to a 66% record ATS.

Both years featured prominent streaks to get top tier achievements. In 2014 he won 17 of 18 games in the month of October. The lone loss still nags at him and involved Jay Cutler and the Bears blowing a 14-0 lead to the Carolina Panthers. This past year he used a similar streak in the months of November and December.

College football was not far behind in 2015 as he finished with a 60% mark with an overall ATS record of 50-33-1. Yet his top moment ATS and favorite sport to handicap is college basketball. In the non-conference portion of the 2014-2015 season he went 51-14 ATS (78%).

He's also been a prime winner in the futures market with several hits that include the New York Giants, UConn twice, Louisville, Duke, and the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2015.

Systems Used For Handicapping

Zack is not a technical handicapper. He believes in a current market of where the oddsmakers position value. He does not want to base a play on what happened five years ago that could have involved a player(s) that is non-existent today.

For example if one says that the Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-9 ATS in their last nine meetings against so and so.  Do I really want to rely on data that involved quarterbacks such as Byron Leftwich, Chad Henne, and other turbulent quarterbacks? No, I want to analyze for current value the same way oddsmakers do.

Besides a handful of yearly big plays, Zack rates all the same. At the end of the day it's a long-term grind that a handicapper must tip their cap to oddsmakers on a nightly basis.

Betting Philosophy

Zack sticks to his strengths when it comes to handicapping. Those strengths are sides and not totals and opportune value plays.

Big boards are limited, as he'll take a two-play day a few times a week over one day with five plays. Of course value from the oddsmakers can be off in instances, which will permit an extensive board.

Rating and Titles of Plays

A tracking of Zack's plays and you'll begin to see a pattern of where he sees value. In the NFL he may consistently have a particular division he puts in his titles. Similar occurrences will be seen in college football, NBA, MLB, and college basketball.

As noted earlier all plays will have the same value except for a handful of rare main releases.

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