Will Rogers

+$6,397 MLB YTD ~ Six-Pack On Tap Wednesday


The month of May is when things really heat up in the NBA & NHL playoffs, and that results in MASSIVE PROFITS for "The Coach" and those who choose to take advantage of his services. He's up to his old tricks here in 2015, and he's been particularly hot at the ballpark, where he's +$6,397 with ALL MLB 2015.

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Capper Rankings
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Last 10 Picks 7 - 3 ( 70% )
May 26 W MLB Philadelphia 800
May 26 W MLB Chi. Cubs 800
May 26 L NBA Atlanta Hawks -1050
May 26 L NHL Tampa Bay -1250
May 26 L MLB Cleveland -1224
May 25 W MLB San Diego 800
May 25 W NBA Houston 800
May 25 W NHL Chicago 500
May 25 W MLB Toronto 800
May 25 W MLB Baltimore 800
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About The Coach

Age: 59

Will Rogers believes that there is always value somewhere, and he wants to help you find it.

Rogers is here to serve as your personal guide through the often confusing world of sports investing, navigating through both opportunities and pitfalls with one goal in mind — to help you make money.

A "Mr. Wolf" of sorts, these are some of the many attributes Rogers brings to the table:

  • Success: A proven winner in every walk of life.
  • Vision: A laser-like ability to focus on relevant data.
  • Resources: Team of proven handicappers; vast network of contacts.

Background: Rogers has worked hard his entire life and he's achieved success at every level. Five years in university. Five years in research; quantitative analysis. Twenty five years in his second passion: running ever-larger high-end kitchens. He's rubbed shoulders with the rich and big players. Royalty, sometimes. He's built and motivated kitchen brigades. He's taken the heat and he's delivered the product. Prior to committing to sports investing full-time, Rogers was working as a trouble shooter, analyzing and resolving issues in failing workplaces.

Rogers' career was intense and pressure-filled but he never stopped loving or following sports. With the advent of the Internet, participating in fantasy pools and investing in sports was a natural progression. Success followed.

Achievements In Handicapping: Since turning "pro" in 2013, Rogers has found immediate success. His 2013 NHL season was nothing short of phenomenal. He won 67% of ALL plays (for the season!), going 97-48-4 and finishing +$24,786 in net profit! May is where Rogers truly shined. Incredibly, he netted nearly $25,000 in profit with all selections for the entire month! June saw him wrap up an excellent NBA playoff campaign. Without a doubt, his most impressive achievement to date would be his incredible performance in the 2014 NFL playoffs. He was 18-3 overall, showing profits of more than +$13,000, and of course he had the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Money Management/Rating Of Games: Having witnessed otherwise sharp handicappers done in by mismanaging their money, Rogers takes a conservative long-term approach to investing on sports. He's not interested in unnecessary risk and/or high volatility. Supremely confident in his abilities, he keeps his wager sizes to a minimum and relatively consistent, content in the knowledge that his long-term strategy will produce profits. A 10* rated play represents 0.5 percent of his bankroll.

Systems Used For Handicapping Games: Rogers and his team take pride in their day-to-day knowledge about every team on the board. They have a wide variety of proven handicapping techniques in their arsenal. Knowing when to utilize and employ is key. Quite frankly, methods will vary from day-to-day, sport-to-sport and week-to-week. Nothing works forever. An ability to shift on the fly and to adjust to changing market conditions keeps the Rogers' group ahead of the curve.

Why You Like Covers Experts: Rogers doesn't mess around with lesser sites. He likes that CE is the biggest arena of its kind - the mecca of the industry. He likes that there is an unbiased grading system in place and that all handicappers are held accountable for their words, actions and records.

Quote: "Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." (Will Rogers)