Tim Michael


You'd be HARD PRESSED to find a HOTTER NFLX handicapper than Tim MONEY Michael! Tim was 4-1 with his NFLX selections last season and he's already a KILLER 9-4-1 this year (now an AMAZING 13-5 NFLX lifetime!) Remember as well that Michael finished +$7,500 combined in NFL/NCAAF last season! Now it's time to GET THE JOB DONE to end the week with more BIG NFLX selections and Premier League Soccer packages as well. Subscriptions offer best value on return!


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Last 10 Picks 5 - 4 ( 56% )
Aug 17 W NFL Cleveland 1000
Aug 17 L Premier League Brighton and Hove Albion -1000
Aug 16 W MLB Under 1000
Aug 16 L NFL Under -1080
Aug 15 W NFL N.Y. Jets 800
Aug 15 W NFL Cincinnati 800
Aug 15 W NFL Baltimore 800
Aug 15 L NFL Arizona -856
Aug 15 L NFL Jacksonville -824
Aug 14 Push MLB Under 0
*Additional Records Available Upon Request
Expert's Edge

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About Tim

Whether in life, or in sports, Tim Michael is a winner. Determined to "do things better," he brings a much-needed fresh approach to the sports-handicapping industry.

Tim handicaps all the major American sports on a full-time basis: NFL, NCAAF, NBA NCAAB, MLB and NHL. Additionally, he's been known to make plays on soccer, boxing, UFC, tennis, WNBA and golf. In short, if Tim's got an edge, he's going to exploit it.


You'll often hear handicappers talk about finding "value" but they seldom explain what they mean.

There's a reason for this: While few would argue against the notion that it makes sense to bet on teams that have a better chance of winning than their odds suggest, there's no foolproof way to identify those teams. Pick a game and ask two handicappers which team represents the "value." You'll find that they often don't agree. The word itself is very subjective and has different meanings to different people.

Tim believes that "sports-betting value" is found in any opportunity which is profitable over the long-term. Unlike anyone else, he's developed and honed an entirely unique way of identifying it.

Having sought out and worked with some of the top Data Intelligence minds on the planet, Tim has created his own Key Value Indicators (KVI) which go a step beyond the standard Key Performance Indicators (KPI) used by others.

Tim's proprietary methodology produces a projected score for every game on the board.

Tim's approach has been so successful that he walked away from a successful corporate career to pursue his "quest for value" on a full-time basis.

What to Expect

100% Honesty and Transparency

Respect for Others

1500-2000 Plays (Sides + Totals) Annually

1-10 Plays Daily (Avg 4-7)

Majority of ML Plays are Underdogs

No Large Favorites "Less Chalk"

Tasteful Promotion and Less Hype

Projected Score with Every Play

Money Management / Ratings

Tim is fanatical about strict money-management. He rates his plays on a 5-10 star basis and suggests the following in terms of unit-size:

10* = 1% of bankroll
9* = 0.9% of bankroll
8* = 0.8% of bankroll
7* = 0.7% of bankroll
6* = 0.6% of bankroll
5* = 0.5% of bankroll

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