The Prop Specialists

Data Science Based Selections

A Machine Learning and AI based approach to sports handicapping. The Prop Specialists focus on finding significant edges in smaller betting markets - that being Game Props, Player Props and 1st Half selections.

Picks are made daily across NFL/NBA/MLB with increasingly astonishing results! Learn more about their predictive modeling system by clicking HERE & HERE.


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Last 10 Picks 3 - 7 ( 30% )
Mar 16 L NBA Game/Player Props -1370
Mar 15 W NBA Game/Player Props 660
Mar 13 L NBA Game/Player Props -1075
Mar 12 W NBA Game/Player Props 1080
Mar 11 L NBA Game/Player Props -490
Mar 10 L NBA Game/Player Props -900
Mar 8 W NBA Game/Player Props 1810
Feb 3 L NFL Game/Player Props -400
Jan 27 L NBA Game/Player Props -400
Jan 26 L NBA Game/Player Props -540
*Additional Records Available Upon Request
Expert's Edge
About The Prop Specialists

Who we are:  Proponents of data science

We advocate a data heavy orientated approach to sports forecasting, and have been working together since 2009 in understanding how to best apply methods based in the world of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to find profits in sports betting markets. Check out our YouTube video, click HERE!

What we do:  'props' the focus

We don't beat our heads against the wall in some of the most efficient global sports betting markets, we focus on where we can find a significant edge in smaller markets.  

A bedrock of machine learning approaches combined with expert knowledge of the sport come together to bring highly profitable selections in smaller prop markets.  Beyond player and game propositions, we also reach into sub-game line derivatives in the form of 1st half betting.  The first half of a game in any sport can play significantly different to the latter stages of a game, and most importantly, plays in a more stable way that is much more amenable to algorithmic approaches to pricing. We excel at the identification of 1H edges in all major sports.

Don't believe the hype? Check out our outstanding NBA Prop results from the 2016/17 season ----> CLICK HERE!

Note: props are priced at specific sportsbooks, not all sportsbooks have the same available props. Contact Customer Support for more information.

We make sure your bets count where it matters

The volatility and time value of an investment are considerations just as important as finding and maintaining an advantage in a chosen market.

We focus on game day binary props priced at -110 rather than spending our analytical resources pricing season futures, where the time value of money being tied up for the lengths of a season makes the investment time value prohibitive. We also do not spend resources pricing markets that have a multitude of long odds options.  Our goal is to have your money working for you every day, and in the least volatile way possible.  That is though pricing short lived, binary prop markets as close to game start as possible.

What separates you from every other sports tout on the internet?

Firstly, we're not just sports ‘handicappers’.  We have a deep background in data science, and we think that affords us significant advantages when applied in the right circumstances.  

Secondly, it’s all about the right circumstances: we don’t pretend to offer a service that says it can beat much tougher main markets like full game spreads or totals. Main lines and prices are shaped by very sharp market forces that are much harder to beat.  We choose to fight battles in smaller markets that we know we can derive a significant advantage in.

If you guys are so good, why are you selling your plays?

We’ve had a lengthy experience in these niche smaller prop markets over the years; limits are relatively small, and it’s difficult to find a sportsbook that will maintain a player that keeps winning where they know their handicapping is at its weakest. So the answer in short is that it’s pretty tough for us to get a bet on props! So we decided to commercialize our advantages and offer it to the betting public at large.

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