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152-116 (+$31,344) Since Feb 1st!

Tennis Insiders finished Wimbledon 18-10-1 (+$13,013) | 10* +700 Outright Winner on Djokovic! | 152-116 (+$31,344) Since February 1st! | 18-6 Grand Slam Finals!

07/19/2018: (1) Pick available for Thursday. Any additional picks will be available before 9AM Eastern Time.

Last 10 Picks 5 - 5 ( 50% )
Jul 17 L TENNIS Alex De Minaur -976
Jul 17 L TENNIS Ryan Harrison -880
Jul 17 L TENNIS Over -832
Jul 16 W TENNIS Vasek Pospisil 700
Jul 15 W TENNIS No tie break if first set 500
Jul 15 W TENNIS Under 1000
Jul 15 W TENNIS Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon. 7000
Jul 15 L TENNIS No tie break in match -300
Jul 13 L TENNIS Rafael Nadal -1000
Jul 11 W TENNIS John Isner 1080
*Additional Records Available Upon Request
Expert's Edge
About Tennis Insiders


In this golden era of tennis, who doesn't enjoy watching it? Our team members have all played tennis for the past 15+ years, and all have a deep-rooted love for the game. Years of watching the game and understanding the different styles of play on each surface has led to the creation of a lucrative tennis betting record. Tennis betting is a complex market, and with just 5% of sports bettors turning a profit in the long-term, providing clients with a consistent return on their investment is our Number 1 motivation.

Our Approach

We're constantly watching matches from the World Tour & Challenger level, broadening our knowledge of the world's top 400 players. Our team has expert knowledge of each individual playing on the main tour right now and analyses each main draw matchup to find the crucial edge. We’ve lived and understand the week-on-week grind of professional tennis and how players cope with the physical & mental demands.

Memorable Wins

Stan Wawrinka +240 US Open Final 2016. The oddsmakers didn't notice a slight injury hampering Djokovic and undervalued Wawrinka, a player who already had 2 Grand Slam titles to his name and had pushed Djokovic to the brink in previous years.

Handicapping System

Statistics & trends have little standing in tennis as each matchup must be broken down & analyzed to understand how each player's strengths & weaknesses will counter-act their opponents. One player might enjoy the slow, high bouncing characteristics of a clay court while the other might hit a flatter ball and would flourish in quicker, lower bouncing conditions. Rankings are only a representation of consistency and should never be used as reasoning when placing a wager.

Betting Philosophy

We don't like laying chalk, as tennis contains a number of more profitable betting opportunities. We like to pick in the -150/+300 range. Tennis Insiders have between 1-3 plays every day during the tennis season, rising to between 4/5 mark during the slams, which are the equivalent of Christmas for the seasoned tennis bettor. Books have to output so many lines in a short period of time that value always presents itself.

Play Ratings

We always advise to never bet more than 5% of bankroll on a single play. We have 4 different play ratings, covering from big underdogs to our top plays.

  • 2-5* Underdog plays
  • 6-7* Heavy Favorites
  • 8-9* Strong plays/Strong value in the market
  • 10* Game of the Week/Month/Year plays

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