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Even though Teddy's 2016 preseason has been disappointing, he bounced back strong with a 'right side' winner on the Texans on Sunday.  Teddy's next report will be posted here before 9 AM Pacific Time on Tuesday, and his first football for the weekend will be posted here on Wednesday. Don't miss a single winner!


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Last 10 Picks 3 - 7 ( 30% )
Aug 29 L MLB Detroit -800
Aug 28 W NFL Houston 700
Aug 27 L NFL Detroit -1150
Aug 27 L MLB O (CHC at LAD) -763
Aug 26 L MLB Cincinnati -600
Aug 26 L NFL New Orleans -770
Aug 25 L MLB O (SF at LAD) -714
Aug 24 W MLB Detroit 700
Aug 23 W MLB Kansas City 840
Aug 22 L MLB NY Yankees -791
*Additional Records Available Upon Request
Expert's Edge
  • Wiseguy Report: Changing NFL Opinions in August

    After watching three weeks of NFL Preseason action, most of my initial opinions have been reinforced. That being said, I’ve changed my opinion on a handful of teams, in several cases rather strongly.  In this week’s wiseguy report, I’m going to flesh out what I’ve seen in the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens that have me thinking very differently about those squads today compared to my opinion of them a month ago.

  • Wiseguy Report: Preseason Betting Advanced Methods

    Let me start with a bold statement: ‘3’ is not the most important key number when it comes to betting in the NFL reason.  Neither is ‘7’.  No, the most important pointspread number in August is the number ‘1’.  The difference between ‘pick ‘em and + or -1.5 is MUCH bigger now than at any other part of the season.

  • Wiseguy Report: Preseason NFL Betting 101

    Non-bettors always seem shocked when I talk about betting (and beating) the preseason.  ‘How can you bet on exhibition games’?  ‘I don’t even know the guys on the field in the second half.’  ‘Boy, you really must be a degenerate gambler if you’re betting on NFL Preseason.’ That couldn’t be further from the truth.  A sharp bettor’s mantra is fairly simple and nearly universal: ‘Bet when you have an edge.  Pass when you don’t.’  That holds for regular season NFL and for preseason NFL as well.

About Teddy

Name: Teddy Covers

Age: 47

Years in handicapping: After graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I moved to Las Vegas to bet on sports as a full time professional in 1998. I’ve been doing it successfully here in Sin City ever since.

Achievements in Handicapping: Some ‘cappers need a detailed biography.  Teddy doesn’t – a quick google search shows quite clearly how big of an impact this longtime Las Vegas professional has had in the sportsbetting world since moving to Vegas to become a full time bettor back in 1998.

You can watch Teddy here during the week of the Super Bowl in the sportsbetting documentary ‘Life on the Line’.

You can read about Teddy in the New York Times here, here, here and here.

You can read Teddy’s college basketball analysis on ESPN.com here.

Teddy’s NBA expertise?  Read about it here.

Teddy talking NFL?  How about these links from Bloomberg TV!!

Teddy talking March Madness?  How about on CBS!

The list goes on and on.  Teddy gets the national publicity because he’s earned it; delivering a career filled with very satisfied clients…..

Why I like Covers Experts: It’s very simple – if I don’t win, I don’t get paid. Pay after you win (guaranteed picks) makes me feel very comfortable about providing information and write-ups about my own personal wagers for my clients.

Systems used for handicapping a game: I use a combination of fundamental (breaking down the matchups on the field/court), situational (finding great 'spots' for blowouts and/or upsets and technical (angles and trends that exist for a reason) handicapping. I’m also a firm believer in ‘riding’ hot teams and ‘fading’ cold ones, taking advantage again and again until the betting markets finally catch up.

I rate my plays as follows:

- Action bets: 6*, 7* or 8*’s are the vast majority of my wagers

- ‘Big Ticket’ plays: My strongest wagers are ‘Big Tickets’; rated as 9* or 10* plays. Only about one play in 20 receives a ‘Big Ticket’ designation.

- My signature plays also include ‘Sin City Sizzlers’ – wiseguy plays direct from Vegas, my ‘Absolute Annihilator’ Reports – big blowouts waiting to happen, and ‘Wrong Team Favored’ reports supporting live underdogs!

During football season, Teddy tends to release between 3-5 NFL plays per week and between 5-10 college football plays – he’s no action junkie, but he’s prepared to pull the trigger on any and every ‘positive expectation’ wager that he can find.

Favorite stats/pages on Covers.com: I use the matchup pages every single day for college basketball and major league baseball. There is no other website like it, with all the pertinent information on a single page. The series history between the two teams; their season long statistics and their recent five game trends; great stuff like rebounding margin, assist to turnover ratio, and free throw shooting percentage are all broken down in an easy to use format. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the umpire data for baseball, a crucial factor in my success betting baseball totals.

Quote: "I’ve been able to survive and thrive here in Las Vegas as a professional bettor for the last 17 years. I take pride in helping my clients become successful sports bettors themselves, earning a long term profit through sports investing.”