• +$39,013 in 2014
  • 71-47 (60% ATS) NBA Run
  • 5-1 (83% ATS) NBA Playoffs

Steve Merril

+$39,013 in 2014.. 83% (5-1 ATS) NBA PLAYOFFS

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Last 10 Picks 6 - 4 ( 60% )
Apr 22 W MLB Colorado 900
Apr 22 L NBA Chicago -1150
Apr 22 L MLB U (LAA at WAS) -900
Apr 21 W MLB Oakland 900
Apr 21 W NBA Memphis 1000
Apr 20 W NBA O (POR at HOU) 1000
Apr 20 W NBA Portland 900
Apr 20 L MLB U (BAL at BOS) -1116
Apr 20 L MLB O (NYY at TB) -936
Apr 19 W NBA Golden State 900
Expert's Edge
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    Steve Merril handicaps the first round of the NBA Playoffs and gives you money-making strategies and advice in this NBA podcast on ESPN radio.

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    Spot bets are classic handicapping practices that have proven profitable no matter what sport you’re betting. Whether it’s a team looking past this week’s opponent, one coming off a hard-fought victory, or a rough patch of schedule, bettors can find value picking their spots.

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    Steve Merril previews the NCAA Final Four in his latest podcast:

    - Connecticut vs. Florida
    - Kentucky vs. Wisconsin

About Merril

Age: 40 years old

Years in handicapping: 18 years as a full-time professional

Achievements in handicapping: Numerous documented national No. 1 finishes in NFL, NCAA football, MLB baseball, NBA, and NCAA basketball; Won the inaugural $100,000 Insider's Handicapping Invitational.

Media: Steve Merril is a well-known personality in the Sports Handicapping world through his extensive work in the media. Listen to some of his latest Radio appearances here now.

Biggest win of the year: I take a steady and disciplined approach to sports investing, so I do not overreact to any one particular win. Every victory adds more money to my clients' bankroll, and every selection I release has an edge. In the long run my clients will turn a profit, regardless of the results on an individual day. It is important to keep in mind that sports investing is a marathon and not a sprint. Enjoy those perfect 4-0 and 5-0 sweeps, but also keep your emotions in check and take a long term approach.

Steve Merril's Exclusive Money Management & Game Rating System:

Plays are rated 8*, 9*, and 10*.
$100 bettor should play: 8*=$80, 9*=$90, 10*=$100
$500 bettor should play: 8*=$400, 9*=$450, 10*=$500
$1,000 bettor should play: 8*=$800, 9*=$900, 10*=$1,000

Steve's Signature Plays:

Platinum Powerhouse: The BEST of the best. Steve’s Top Rated play. Extremely RARE and highly sought after. They don’t pop up too often, but when they do, you must take notice.

Signature Series: This is Steve’s premier collection of plays; a mix of favorites, underdogs, and totals. These plays rate just below Platinum status, but they are very strong and high on merit.

False Favorite Alert: Underdogs that should be favored. Fantastic plays... especially if you like Underdogs that WIN OUTRIGHT!

**Over Easy** Shootout: Reserved for games that will be wild and high-scoring that will easily SOAR OVER THE TOTAL!

Systems used for handicapping a game: I rely on fundamental, situational, and statistical analysis to handicap games. I encompass player injuries, current form, motivation, coaching edges, and technical indicators.

Favorite stats/pages on Covers: Player stats and individual game-by-game logs on every player are very useful, especially when viewing injuries and how they impact a team. I also like the live odds and the ability to view the line changes at all the major sportsbooks during the day.

Sports and conferences Steve excels at handicapping: I specialize in college and pro football, college and pro basketball, baseball, and NASCAR. Special emphasis is placed on all professional teams and East Coast conferences in college sports.

Team you avoid when wagering: Teams that have not shown the ability to win close games. It is always risky to play these types of teams, unless you can get them in a big dog role against an uninterested favorite.

Quote: "Successful sports handicappers must constantly stay ahead of the oddsmakers, Merril says. This is why I rely on all forms of handicapping, such as statistical and fundamental analysis, plus research daily for important injuries and gameplan information."