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SVS making BANK -> 64-47 (+$12,073) Dec 19th-Jan 22nd!

SVS entered Wednesday 26-16 with NBA *10* Sides! SVS also on 9-4 (69%) GOW/GOM/GOY Run! SVS is FIRE on ICE: 16-7 their last 23 NHL (including BIG DOGS too). SVS finished the NFL SEASON 9-2 (82%) in MNF!

WINNING across ALL sports! Clemson WIN wrapped 11-2 (85%) season-ending NCAAF run! Also, SVS on 37-19 run with Under the Radar plays in all sports w/big dogs included! SVS is also 14-6 (70%) this NFL Season with Blowout Rout plays! NFL *10*s went 4-0 in Div Rd/Conf Champ Rd. 3 HUGE plays Thursday!


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Last 10 Picks 6 - 4 ( 60% )
Jan 22 W NCAAB Alabama 1000
Jan 22 L NBA Phoenix -1100
Jan 22 L NHL Over -889
Jan 21 W NCAAB Charlotte 800
Jan 21 L NHL Under -966
Jan 21 L NBA New York -1050
Jan 20 W NHL Carolina 1000
Jan 20 W NFL Over 1000
Jan 20 W NBA Indiana 1000
Jan 20 W NFL L.A. Rams 1000
*Additional Records Available Upon Request
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About Silicon Valley Simulator


The Silicon Valley is home to many of the world's most prestigious and innovative tech companies, such as Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and Facebook. It is also home to one of the world's most innovative and forward thinking sports betting services. Silicon Valley Simulator is the brainchild of a team of three people from very different backgrounds. When a software engineer and a statistician attended the same 2015 Las Vegas tech conference, their paths crossed with a veteran of the local sports betting scene. Over time a partnership developed, and it became clear that by combining the knowledge of a traditional sports handicapper with a more data driven approach would likely prove to be a winning formula. After over two years of developing, testing and refining their system, the Silicon Valley Simulator is ready to release their picks to the public in October of 2018.

Handicapping Principles:

Often a sports bettor is his own worst enemy. Making decisions based on emotions rather than facts, falling victim to hype, and putting too much stock in historical trends. Silicon Valley Simulator doesn't aim to remove the human element entirely, however our data science driven models are designed to eliminate human error. The simulator doesn't have a favorite team, it doesn't lean towards favorites or underdogs. We look at every game, in almost every sport, looking for advantages in either side, total for full time or first half. We aren't trying to pick the right team, we're looking for the right number.

Signature Systems:

High Yield Home/Road Favorite - The best teams in Major League Baseball win over 70 percent of their home games. In professional and college football those numbers can be even higher. In every major professional sport, there is a documented advantage for the home team. Our system is designed to spot favorites with at least a 2.5 point variance from our projected line.

Undervalued Home/Road Underdog - The betting public often falls in love with the favorite, and that can lead to an inflated point spread or a price that doesn't reflect the actual win probability. Given the right variance, Silicon Valley Simulator is always prepared to back the underdog.

Unicorn Statistical Anomaly - A Unicorn is a privately held startup with an evaluation over $1 billion. The term was coined in 2013 representing the statistical rarity of such successful ventures According to TechCrunch, there were 279 unicorns as of March 2018. The Silicon Valley Simulator uses the term "Unicorn" to describe a statistical anomaly so rare that they come up only a few times in a season.

Under the Radar - Sometimes the value is found by digging a little deeper. It's our job to leave no stone unturned, looking at every game in ever sport, no matter how insignificant they may seem at first glance.

Game of the Week/Month/Year - This represents our top systems plays for the week, month or year.

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