• Dual 10*s on Saturday
  • 19-12-1 last 16 days
  • 23-14-2 college hoops run

Sean Murphy

AWESOME 19-12-1 since Feb. 12th! BIG Saturday on tap!

Saturday features TWO 10* TOP RATED winners from the NBA and college hoops. Tipoff goes EARLY so don't miss out!

Sean is in excellent form right now, having gone 19-12-1 overall since February 12th. It's the PERFECT time to hop on board.

Now that football has wrapped up, it's time to shift focus to the hardwood - needless to say, Murph has you covered in NBA and college hoops action from now through June.

College hoops is on a STRONG 23-14-2 run. Murph's BEST days are ahead of him in the NBA. Get in now and be a part of his next MONSTER run!

ALL-INCLUSIVE PASSES: Get 7 days of winners for $225 or 31 days for $500.

Last 10 Picks 5 - 5 ( 50% )
Feb 27 W NHL U (CHI at TB) 800
Feb 27 L NBA Toronto -1100
Feb 26 W NCAAB Gonzaga 800
Feb 26 W NBA Phoenix 1000
Feb 26 L NHL Nashville -930
Feb 25 L NCAAB Wyoming -1050
Feb 25 L NHL Washington -928
Feb 25 L NBA Brooklyn -1100
Feb 24 W NCAAB N.C. State 800
Feb 24 W NHL Winnipeg 600
Expert's Edge
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  • NBA Eastern Conference betting road map

    Sean takes a look at the week ahead in the NBA's Eastern Conference. Get a step ahead of the books inside.

  • NFL Prop Shop: Super Bowl edition

    Sean opens the doors to the Prop Shop for the last time this season as he takes aim at three winners from Super Bowl 49. Get Murph's quick-hitting analysis inside.

About Murphy

Interview: Read Sean's exclusive interview with the Covers Experts manager HERE

Name: Sean Murphy

Age: 32

Experience: Lead handicapper for Pat Miller Sports from 2003 to 2006 and The Miller Group from 2006 through August of 2009. Sean took the independent route and officially joined Covers Experts in September of 2009. He’s been in the business for 11 years professionally, but sports betting has been a part of his life in some shape of form for as long as he can remember.

Sean is one of the leaders in the ‘Steamwire’ movement here at Covers Experts, not only providing daily selections for his clients, but also late breaking news and insight regarding line movements, injuries and second half betting opportunities.

Sean’s passion for sports is unmatched. The phrase ‘find something you love to do and you’ll never ‘work’ a day in your life’ is his mantra.

Sean is a self-proclaimed ‘numbers guru’. He owns a business degree, with a major in finance – his knack for handling numbers is deep-rooted – and he is a member of the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma honor society for business students and scholars.

His love for numbers, combined with his passion for sports makes a career in sports handicapping the perfect fit.

Achievements in handicapping: Sean has delivered eight out of 11 winning NFL seasons dating back to 2003. He has owned the CFL, banking over +$20K for his clients since the start of 2010. His knack for beating the books at the peripheral sports is unmatched, as evidenced by the +$11K of profit he’s delivered for WNBA bettors since 2010.

Sean built The Miller Group from the ground up, turning it into one of America’s most respected handicapping services, thanks to an honest approach and strong belief in delivering value to the customer.

Systems used when handicapping a game: Sean’s selections are based on his extensive knowledge of the game, with a strong emphasis on totals. He prides himself on going against the majority and thinking outside the box. His clients can attest to that – Sean’s unique analysis is what keeps them coming back (more on that below).

His approach could be considered both situational and statistical. Murphy doesn’t have a strong belief in systems, as they are rarely an indicator of future results. When you purchase one of his selections, you can always count on insightful and extensive analysis to back it up. If you're not learning something new, what are you paying for?

Unique Forward Thinking Analysis:
With so much of this business based on looking back at previous results and data, Sean has found success by looking ahead - accurately predicting what’s to come, as outlined in the analysis you’ll receive with each and every play. Using both fundamental and statistical data, Sean gives you his detailed opinion on precisely how he expects each game to play out.

Play Ratings: Sean rates all of his guaranteed plays from 5* to 10* with free plays qualifying as 1* releases. The majority of his guaranteed selections are given 8* to 10* designation. As you would expect, the higher the rating, the stronger the play. Rest assured that Sean is investing his own money in each and every play that he offers here at Covers Experts.

Sean's Play Titles:
Top Rated (Rout/Dominator): It goes without saying, these are Sean's highest-rated, and most confident selections. On a normal day of action, Sean will have at least one 10* TOP RATED play.

Shootout Shocker: These plays feature games where Sean is anticipating a much higher-scoring result than the oddsmakers are calling for - generally playing 'over' a low total.

Marquee Matchup: These selections are reserved for highly-anticipated games, and more often than not, feature nationally-televised matchups.

Watch-and-Win: Always a TV game - Sean will indicate whether it's an 'early' or 'late' start, usually listing the matchup and broadcaster as well.

All-Access Pass: Multi-game packages - generally feature three, five, or seven games, and can include multiple sports, as indicated.

Game of the Week: Reserved for the best of the best – Sean’s strongest releases here at Covers Experts. You’ll see no more than one G.O.W. play per sport per week, depending on recent performance.

Sports Coverage: Murphy covers all of the major sports including NFL, NBA, college football and basketball, MLB, CFL, international soccer, and NHL. He places a stronger emphasis on football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and MLB/CFL in the summer.

Quote: “I strive to give my clients the respect and value they deserve. You won’t find me releasing plays based on outlandish systems or backed by illogical reasoning. Nor will I ever post inaccurate records or false claims. What you will get is long-term investment strategies that put you ahead of the curve. I cover all of the angles on a daily basis to bring you only the strongest plays on the board. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, highly profitable approach to sports betting, your search ends here.”