Ricky Tran


Ricky was just 3-4 on Friday, including going only 1-4 in MLB (still on an ENORMOUS 166-114 MLB streak since mid May!) and a PERFECT 2-0 in NFLX action (now 7-5 NFLX YTD!) Ricky's back on the gridiron and on the pitch on Saturday! 

Renown for his ability to rip off MONSTROUS ALL SPORTS WINNING STREAKS, there's still PLENTY of time to hop on board and join The Tran Clan (the exclusive WINNERS that have joined Ricky with either a weekly/monthly or all sports subscription package!) You in on this?!


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Individual Subscriptions
Last 10 Picks 5 - 5 ( 50% )
Aug 17 W Premier League Liverpool 600
Aug 16 W NFL Under 1000
Aug 16 W NFL N.Y. Giants 1000
Aug 16 W MLB Under 800
Aug 16 L MLB Under -952
Aug 16 L MLB Over -928
Aug 16 L MLB Under -840
Aug 16 L MLB Under -800
Aug 15 W MLB LA Angels 1000
Aug 15 L NFL Arizona -1070
*Additional Records Available Upon Request
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About Ricky

Born: Hong Kong

Bio: It didn't take long for Ricky Tran to make his mark here at Covers Experts. He burst onto the scene just prior to the 2018 NCAA Tournament, and the profits piled up in a hurry. He was the top money earner in the month of March, and he finished the college basketball season with a record of 53-28 +$16,925. After profitable seasons with both NBA and NHL, the baseball season has had it's ups and downs. He's looking forward to another profitable football season, coming off a +$13,940 showing with NFL in 2017.

The "Old Guard" in the handicapping industry is still somewhat reluctant to accept the fact that times have changed. Ricky represents a new breed of handicapper. Youthful, enthusiastic, technically savvy and up to date with the latest tools of the trade; but he's not shy to trust his gut on any given bet and ignore the stats. Tired of the same old square bets you get from other handicappers? Join with Ricky today and get his razor sharp picks and analysis!

Signature Picks:

Shoot Out The Lights (totals play): As a fan, we all like to see a high scoring game. Whether it's basketball, football or hockey, offense is always more fun than defense. If you want to sit back and watch two teams pile up the points, this signature play is on a game that should go WAY OVER!

Beware of Dog (underdog play): If you like playing favorites, you best stay away from this game. When Ricky decides to back the underdog, it usually indicates that the favorite is grossly overvalued. This particular play features an underdog that should threaten to win outright!

Clash of the Titans: This signature play usually features a high profile game, often between two teams that are battling for the top spot in the league, division or conference.

Game of the Week/Month/Year: The top play for each particular sport, for the week, month or year.

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