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Nick Parsons

March is here- It's time for some madness

 Nick is looking for a big month of March and if past history is any guide, this March will be HUGE. This handicapper is known throughout the gambling world as someone who thrives on March Madness. Last year Nick had an unprecedented run in last year’s tournament and this year will be no different.


 When it come to the NCAA Tournament their is no one better at winning you money than Nick "The Bookie Killer" Parsons!

Last 10 Picks 4 - 6 ( 40% )
Mar 5 W NCAAB Wisconsin 800
Mar 5 L NBA Oklahoma City -1050
Mar 5 L NHL O (MIN at WAS) -702
Mar 4 W NBA Cleveland 1000
Mar 4 W NCAAB Ohio St. 800
Mar 4 L NHL Pittsburgh -822
Mar 4 L NBA Houston -840
Mar 4 L NCAAB Michigan St -920
Mar 4 L NCAAB Wake Forest -848
Mar 3 W NCAAB North Carolina 800
Expert's Edge
  • Fight Preview: Gennady Golvolkin and Martin Murray

    Nick offers up a preview of the WBA and IBO Middleweight Championship fight between Gennady "GGG" Golvolkin and Martin Murray taking place on Saturday in Monaco. The fight goes off at 4 pm EST and can be seen on HBO.

  • Fight Preview: Arthur Abraham and Paul Smith

    Nick offers up a preview of the WBO Super Middleweight fight between Arthur Abraham and Paul Smith, taking place on Saturday in Berlin. The fight goes off at 4 pm EST.

  • Boxing or MMA

    With the rise in popularity of MMA in general and the UFC in particular, the question is often asked which is better, Boxing or the UFC? Nick Parsons gives you his perspective on the two sports as a fan and his thoughts on his own betting on the two sports.

About Parsons

Name: Nick "The BookieKiller" Parsons

Age: 40

Background: Parsons makes his return to the Covers Experts lineup after a two-year hiatus. Nick has been involved in all aspects of the professional sports gaming industry over the last 15 years but is best known for his achievements as a handicapper. He has many documented #1 and Top 10 finishes in all of the major North American sports at the world's biggest monitors and here at Covers Experts as well. He's been featured on ESPN Radio New England and The Score radio network.

Handicapping Methodology: Parsons is a "situational" handicapper who preaches finding optimal line value at all times.

Sports Covered: NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, Arena, MMA, Boxing, CFL, WNBA, Horses, Tennis, Soccer. Also specializes in 2nd Half wagers; both Football and Basketball.

Ratings & Packages: Nick rates his plays from 1* to 10*. He bets value where he sees it. Parsons has no problem hammering a big favorite if the situation calls for it. Parsons' "signature" selection is his top rated 10* "BOOKIEKILLER". Often imitated, but never duplicated, the "BK" first gained notoriety in the 2004 College Football season going an astonishing 18-5 for the year. Naturally, that incredible 78.3 win percentage was the highest mark in the nation (of any service that released a minimum of 20 plays). The following season Nick's "BOOKIEKILLER" releases were a powerful 67 percent in the NFL, again ranking among the best win percentages in the country.

Here is a full list of Nick's exclusive "Club" packages and their descriptions:

Club Parsons

  • 10* BOOKIEKILLER (When the stars align, it's time to unload!)
  • 10* MVP Club (Reserved for top plays ATS and -130 money line favs or less.)
  • Totals Club (Almost always a 10* play, every total in every sport is covered under this club.)
  • False Favorites Club (The wrong side is favored, time to make the books pay!)
  • Big Fav Club (Unload with confidence on a never in doubt laugher.)

Release Times: Parsons is all about releasing plays as early as possible. Expect to see full NCAAF and NFL cards posted early in the week. Daily plays are usually posted the night before. "It's all about finding the best lines possible," says Nick. "The more time a client has to shop, the better value he'll be able to find, which leads to larger profits over the longterm."