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Monster Roster is ready to get rolling with Covers with our algorithm generated game bets and player prop picks.  We have been dominating this MLB season and are ready to share our data driven information with you!  Check back each day for our top rated game picks, game bundles and highest value player prop packs!

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Last 10 Picks 6 - 3 ( 67% )
Aug 14 W MLB Under 800
Aug 14 Push MLB Under 0
Aug 14 L MLB Washington -856
Aug 14 L MLB Over -920
Aug 13 W MLB Under 990
Aug 13 W MLB Under 880
Aug 13 W MLB Detroit 800
Aug 12 W MLB Oakland 900
Aug 12 W MLB San Francisco 800
Aug 12 L MLB Under -700
*Additional Records Available Upon Request
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About Monster Roster


Monster Roster was founded on the principal of using analytics and machine learning to achieve success in predicting outcomes for player performance in the NFL, NBA and MLB. Originating as a daily fantasy sports platform, Monster excelled at predicting player performance through the blending of past statistics, trend analysis and current variables. The algorithm, with its mathematic versatility, is adaptable to not only predicting player performance, but also in translating that information into predicting game bets as well. Our algorithm is constantly consuming information on numerous categories that factor into our recommendations. Our data driven methods remove human bias and rely strictly on the accuracy of our patent pending algorithm to provide the absolute best advice for making winning sports bets.


Monster Roster was founded by Dylan Elder in 2014 as Daily Fantasy Sports was exploding. When Dylan and his team grew tired of inconsistent success on their own, they developed a data driven model to help make better recommendations for building lineups for their daily fantasy teams. This resulted in resounding success where their lineups dominated on FanDuel and DraftKings. Dylan then teamed up with the Philadelphia 76ers Innovation Lab to be able to continue to diversify the algorithm and maximize the value of the information it was producing. We first tested our prediction accuracy on player prop bets. Using the same models that we leveraged for predicting fantasy points we were able to deliver a significantly high ROI for player prop bets across all 3 major professional sports. The past year has been dedicated to expanding the data consuming models that our algorithm produces and applying them to game bets and over/under bets. We are consistently performing at a high level as it relates to delivering a high ROI to our users and will continue to expand the accuracy of our models as new information is constantly becoming available and implemented in our process.


We use “handicapping” as a very loose term in how we approach our recommendations. At the core of our philosophy is the removal of all subjective and human elements from our equation. We rely strictly on data and the information that data delivers. This allows us to provide bias free information that has been proven to deliver consistent results over an extended period of time. We believe in only supplying our “best bets” that factor in our algorithmic recommendations, the current vig and line, and the highest probability of success. We focus on the NFL, NBA and MLB as we have identified those as our core competency with the highest levels of accuracy that will help you maximize your profitability. We look forward to working with the Covers Team to supply you with the best bets produced by the best data driven information in the business.

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