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Marc David delivered a MONSTER MARCH MADNESS RUN! He cashed in with a 10* winner on Virginia in the Final, winning 9-of-11 since the Sweet-16! He racked up a healthy +$11,174 in profits with his last 100 NCAA picks. Now he turns his focus to the Association, and he's +$11,122 overall with NBA in 2019!


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Last 10 Picks 4 - 6 ( 40% )
May 21 W MLB Texas 800
May 21 W MLB Chi. Cubs 800
May 21 L NBA Under (1st H) -888
May 21 L MLB Milwaukee -1088
May 21 L MLB Pittsburgh -900
May 20 W NBA Portland (1st H) 800
May 20 L MLB San Francisco -800
May 20 L MLB Under -920
May 20 L MLB Under -864
May 19 W MLB Texas 1160
*Additional Records Available Upon Request
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About Marc David

For well over 40 years Marc has been following and betting on sports all over America. As a teenager he started on the other side of the fence and eventually in his mid twenties, had his own business running successfully.  Watching those customers for years has given Marc the insight into how to bet and use the spreads in sports to his advantage. Watching and learning from the bettors' mistakes has helped him form some of the best handicapping skills around. His knowledge in sports betting had allowed him to supplement his income throughout his life by making the smart bets whether it's with favorites or dogs. With his patience and keen insight into the sports and gambling world, he would on occasion spend up to six months at a time in Las Vegas living on earnings made at the Sports Betting lounges in the hotels on the strip. Now his understanding of sports betting is available to you so that you can take his plays and start supplementing your own income by cashing in on the games that only someone with his knowledge can offer.

You have to commit to daily research on team strengths and weaknesses. The players themselves do better in certain situations and matchups with other players and teams. If a team is on a winning streak there are other factors involved other than they are "hot". You must understand why that is and know when that type of situation no longer presents itself so you can be ready to change your play in an instant. I take each game on its own value for that particular day and the matchup  that is available to see if the game has value. Just as important are the lines offered by the books to compliment the game in deciding whether or not it is worth the risk. I take the pieces of this puzzle and put it together to form my picks that give my team the best possible chance to win at the best possible price. Favorites and underdogs get equal scrutiny so there is a chance to have either on a given day.

After choosing the plays for the day I think it only fair to give the customer some insight so he may choose something he feels comfortable with as well the strength of the play. Note: Each play is rated on a * scale rated from 6-10 and should be backed accordingly. E.g. PRIME TIME GOLDEN TICKET 8* - This would be an 8* play out of a possible 10.

PRIMETIME GOLDEN TICKET - This is usually reserved for a play between 2 teams that the country can't wait to see and would probably be televised nationally.

GOLDEN VALUE PLAY - This is not just a game I chose that I feel is a great play but it is either being undervalued as a dog or overvalued as a favorite so the price makes it more attractive.

TOTAL DESTRUCTION - This is a total on any game in any sport and will be rated accordingly

MONSTER MATCHUP - Probably a play between two great pitchers or teams that are both looking to lead their division or conference

GAME OF THE WEEK/MONTH/YEAR - These are the best of the best and reserved for the namesake of each play

Don't expect more favorites than dogs or visa versa. Everyday is a new day and Marc doesn't care more about one than the other. The value is either there or it's not and the one thing you can count on is the BEST PLAY at the BEST PRICE!

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