• 289-223 All Sports (2014)
  • PERFECT 5-0 Opening Day
  • +$7,850 MLB YTD

Jesse Schule

BASEBALL = MEGA BUCKS ~ 33-16-1 +$9,500 L50 MLB


Jesse Schule got the season started with a PERFECT 5-0 SWEEP on Opening Day, and he hasn't looked back since.

He's coming off SIX STRAIGHT WINNING DAYS with MLB, and yesterday's Game of the Week featured KC winning 8-2 in Cleveland.

The action gets started EARLY on Wednesday, with his signature AFTERNOON EXECUTIONER.

They call him The Iceman for a reason - Last April he absolutely cleaned up on the ice (39-15 +$15,535).

He cashed in with the Bruins on Tuesday, as well as the Habs completing the sweep for the series win.

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Last 10 Picks 7 - 2 ( 78% )
Apr 22 W NHL Boston 800
Apr 22 W MLB St. Louis 800
Apr 22 W MLB Kansas City 1000
Apr 22 W NHL Montreal 1000
Apr 22 Push NBA Brooklyn 0
Apr 22 L MLB Milwaukee -1112
Apr 21 W NHL Pittsburgh 1000
Apr 21 W NHL Minnesota 1000
Apr 21 W MLB Baltimore 600
Apr 21 L NBA Golden State -840
Expert's Edge
  • Books Still Zigzagging With NBA Playoff Odds.

    Traditional logic tells us that upsets are rare in the NBA playoffs, but that hasn't been the case so far this year. Road underdogs are 5-3 straight-up, and 6-2 against the spread after all eight teams have played Game 1 of their respective series. With so many home favorites losing Game 1, you can be sure that bettors will be looking to "zigzag", backing the teams that are coming off a loss.

  • Exposing the NCAAB Top 25

    Each week throughout the college basketball season, Covers Expert Jesse Schule will dissect the new Top 25 rankings, looking for betting value. He'll showcase the most overrated team, along with the most underrated ranked team, and an unranked squad that he feels should be in the Top 25.

  • NCAAB - Exposing the Top 25

    Each week throughout the college basketball season, Covers Expert Jesse Schule will dissect the new Top 25 rankings, looking for betting value. He'll showcase the most overrated team, along with the most underrated ranked team, and an unranked squad that he feels should be in the Top 25.

About Schule

Interview: Read Jesse's exclusive interview with the Covers Experts manager HERE

Facebook: Follow Jesse on Facebook HERE

Achievements in handicapping: To some, it may appear that Jesse came out of nowhere to take the handicapping world by storm in 2012. While it was his first year as a "pro", Jesse has been a player behind the scenes for nearly two decades. He hasn't wasted any time making a name for himself, especially on the gridiron. He had another very profitable football season in 2013, capped off by going 15-5 in the NFL playoffs.

Biggest Win of 2012: On the final Sunday of the 2012 NFL regular season, Jesse loaded up with three plays on the late game. It was a primetime rivalry matchup between the Cowboys and the Redskins, with the winner booking a ticket to the post-season, and the loser going golfing. Washington won the game 28-18, and Jesse nailed all three plays with Washington, Washington for the first half, and the under. It was an exclamation point on a very successful NFL season, hitting over 57% for the year, and finishing strong with nearly $10,000 in profits in December alone.

Biggest Loss of 2012: The West Virginia Mountaineers were a double digit dog at home versus Oklahoma on November 17. Jesse had the Mountaineers +10.5 as a FREE play, but he felt so strongly that West Virginia had a good chance of winning outright, he released a paid play on the moneyline, with the dog paying out over 3-1. West Virginia scored the go ahead touchdown with under three minutes to play, but Landry Jones led the Sooners back, scoring in the dying seconds as Oklahoma won the game by a single point 50-49.

Handicapping Methodology: Jesse is not a believer in systems, programs and number crunching formulas to handicap games. He is firm in his belief that you are not playing against the sportsbook, you are playing against the other punters (sports bettors). Many of Schule's plays are based on a psychological analysis of the general public's lack of knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of sports wagering. (Its a whole lot more complicated than just fading the public!) He also relies on a nearly photographic memory with an uncanny ability to tell you a players history and stats dating back for decades. Anyone can look up the statistics and tell you how many touchdowns a guy has scored, Jesse can also tell you about the ones that he almost scored.

Play Ratings: Jesse has been known to make some very large wagers over the years, some of which would not necessarily follow a traditional money management system. Over time, however, he has become far more disciplined, rigidly so. Plays will range from 5-10 stars. Jesse recommends betting 2% of bankroll on his 10* plays and half as much (1%) for his 5* plays.

Here are a few of Schule's most popular plays:

"Total Recall Teminator" - Jesse's signature totals play, the Terminator has established a reputation as one of the most consistent winners in Schule's repertoire.

"Afternoon Executioner" - Schule loves to kick off the day with an early winner, his "Afternoon Executioner" is always a play on one of the early afternoon games.

"Primetime Punisher" - Everybody loves to get involved in a wager on the nationally televised main events, and Schule delivers with his PRIMETIME PUNISHER!

"Gridiron Guillotine" - These are Jesse's top pigskin picks, normally reserved for 10* plays on sides.

"Primo Tempo" - Last, but certainly not least, Schule's signature halftime play, "PrimoTempo" means halftime in Italian. They can include 1st (or 2nd) half plays in football and Basketball, or 5-inning plays in baseball. These plays are often the most popular picks on Jesse's card, no surprise there, as everybody loves a winner.

Teams He Likes To Bet On Or Against: Jesse is fond of saying that his favorite team is the one that cashed his last winning ticket. He doesn't have favorites, and he will bet on or against any team at any given time. That being said, he does tend to develop a feel for certain teams, normally based on what he considers to be an error in public perception. If he sees a team that is overrated, or underrated, he will ride that team until it pays. He finds that the public are often slow to catch on when a big favorite starts to decline, or a new up and coming powerhouse is emerging. Getting in on these shifts in the balance of power in the early days, often comes with big rewards.

Quote: There is no greater tool to predict the future, than to carefully study the past.