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    We’re almost halfway through the NHL regular season and we have a good idea of teams that may be contenders come April and teams that are unlikely to make it to the playoffs. That’s good to know, but what I’m more concerned with is which teams are going to make me money, and which teams aren’t.

  • CFB Week 9 Betting Notes

    Here in Vegas rotational form, we discuss betting VALUE, ATS trends, injuries, time changes, lookaheads etc.....

About Forum Legends


Covers Username: 

Sports: NFL & NBA

Age: 29

Location: Orange County, CA

Background: As a well-respected sports betting expert who's built a reputation in the NFL and NBA communities, LeagueCapper finished the 2018 NFL season with one of the best records we’ve ever seen, going 118 - 63 ATS, winning 65.2% of his picks. Never been one to stray into new sports, LC has stuck to NFL and NBA perfecting his systems and adding and growing new betting angles every passing season.

LeagueCapper is an adaptable spot player who values motivation and fatigue above everything else and understands that throughout a long and tiring season - teams have a difficult time getting up and giving 100% effort in each game. Finding these situational spots where a team might put forth less effort has been something LC has specialized in and has resulted in him crushing the books each season he’s bet over the past 7 years.

With well documented records surpassing +175 units (equivalent to +350 units; +$35,000 using CE’s $100 betting unit and 1-10 unit scale) of profit through the 2018 season thus far, it is hard to argue with what LC has accomplished and will continue to achieve moving forward.

"Money won is twice as sweet, as money earned."

Covers Username:

Sport: MLB

Age: 56

Location: Pickering, ON

Background: If you are looking for one of the top MLB handicappers in the game, Armyhog is your man. Over the last decade, Armyhog has honed his skills becoming a successful sports bettor in his own right, having been heavily involved in the sports betting scene since 2009.

Armyhog is a well-respected capper in the Covers community with a strong track record. His unique ability to pick winners on a consistent basis & his reputation in the industry has resulted in a very profitable venture for his followers. His philosophy with daily sports plays is simple; if he sees prime value, it will be a play. It's all about winning in this business!

His tireless hard work accumulating specific information gives him that elusive edge to beat the books, allowing your bankroll to grow over time. Armyhog doesn’t subscribe to any one style, his approach to handicapping consists of a strong mixture of statistical & situational approaches to games, which has been a formula for his success over the years.

Covers Username:

Sport: NHL

Age: 28

Location: Somerset, NJ

Background: AJMay has been successful in the past playing purely motivational and scheduling angles on underdogs, but soon realized he was leaving a lot on the table until he discovered the world of advanced statistics. Advanced stats will tell you when a team has been playing well despite losing a few games in a row, or a team has been playing poorly despite winning a few games in a row. This method will also let you know when a bad or mediocre team has started to figure it out and are now playing solid hockey. Similarly, good teams that will consistently attract most bets may not be playing well enough to justify the line.

These are great opportunities for betting against the public favorites and taking the value. There are also advanced stats for goalies which will allow you to approximate a goalie’s expected performance. When these statistical angles align with motivational and scheduling angles, a 10-unit play is warranted. When AJMay bets on big favorites, he’ll play them in regulation or parlay them to bring down the juice. Around -140 (1.71 decimal odds) is usually the upper limit for what he’ll pay. There is an extreme amount of variance in the NHL and you don't want to be on the wrong side of it with a -250 moneyline bet. You can roughly think of the way he handicaps games as: Total edge = Statistical edge + Motivational edge + Line value.

AJMay is excited for the opportunity to provide the Covers Experts community with what he’s learned over the years in his picks, write-ups and more importantly, make us all some money.

Covers Username: bookieassassain

Sport: NCAAF

Age: 59

Location: Dallas, TX

Background: The BA has been posting wagering recommendations and advice for 18 years (11 on Covers), hitting 56% on over 4000 plays. Had you been savvy enough to invest a $1,000 on each pick, you would have an extra $300,000 in your pocket.

Why trust the BA with your hard-earned money?

  • A former college football player and coach, he has a great understanding of the X's and O's – what each coach is trying to accomplish offensively and defensively, how they game plan, and might adjust in-game.
  • He came from a family of professional gamblers, players and coaches and he began by helping his father handicap college and pro football as early as 1972.
  • A strong old school VALUE player that has been setting his own lines for years and getting the 'best side' of the line often.
  • An extensive reader and study of human nature and behavior - a great help in understanding the mindset of a given team as the year progresses.
  • He is 100% focused on college football - no other sports, no days off until the final game.
  • He uses a stoic approach to the long CFB season - avoiding the emotional highs and lows that can kill your bankroll.

The BA will present approximately 10 plays per week with rationale, each he will play himself. As time allows he will personally address any questions or concerns you might have. Expect an article every few weeks or so as well. Join him and make 2019 your greatest CFB season ever!

"How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”

Covers Username: Cappologist

Sport: NCAAB

Age: 32

Location: Long Island, NY

Background: Cappologist has posted his picks in the Covers College Basketball forum for 6 years, but he’s been handicapping college basketball exclusively for over 11 years. He considers NCAABto be by far the most exploitable sport due to so many teams and unique matchups.

This collegiate basketball specialist has been steadily successful to the tune of +100 games won vs lost ATS across all his picks posted in the forum, yet he realizes nothing is guaranteed in the world of sports betting and prepares year around with that in mind. During the season, he takes notes on each slate of games daily and in the offseason, he performs a full season review and adjustshis strategies accordingly. With regards to his personal betting unit system, he highly values every bet he makes, so for that reason he is primarily a flat better who uses a standard 1 unit bet for all picks. Adapting to the $100 betting unit and 1-to-10 unit betting system utilized on Covers Experts, his personal 1-unit bet is equivalent to a 7 unit bet under the Forum Legends brand. When he feels strongly about a pick, he personally doubles down with 2 units – this is the equivalent to a 10-unit bet under the Forum Legends brand. These ‘double down’ plays are typically under 10% of his total volume of picks, but they have been extremely successful in the pastgoing 54-28-1 ATS, 66%.

Cappologist separates himself from other NCAAB handicappers due to his willingness to work hard and stay up-to-date with an always evolving sports betting market and sport/league on a full-time basis. Rest assured he’ll be in the trenches grinding every day to deliver the very best results for clients – in the end it’s all about winning and that’s what he does best.

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