• 27-19 Run in the NHL
  • 12-4 Run on 10* CBB Picks (+$7,640)
  • 7-2 Run in College Hoops (+$3,460)

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12-4 Run on 10* CBB Leads to Super Tuesday Smash!

College Basketball

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7-2 Run in College Basketball (+$3,460)

Pac-12 Best in Show Wins (Arizona State over Arizona)

Nonconference Best in Show Wins (North Carolina over Ohio State)

Big 10 Best in Show Wins (Minnesota over Iowa)

SEC Best in Show Wins (LSU over Florida)

MWC Best in Show Wins (San Jose State over Nevada)

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12-4 run on 10* college basketball selections ($100 bettors +$7,640)

NHL Hockey

More action coming on Tuesday

27-19 Run

All Sports Streaks

377-325-3 Run on 10* Picks

Last 10 Picks 6 - 4 ( 60% )
Mar 2 W NBA Dallas 400
Mar 2 W NBA Brooklyn 400
Mar 2 W NBA Miami 1000
Mar 2 W NCAAB U (UVA at SYR) 200
Mar 1 W NBA Houston 400
Mar 1 L NHL Dallas -200
Mar 1 L NBA Denver -440
Mar 1 L NBA L.A. Lakers -550
Mar 1 L NCAAB Wisconsin -1100
Feb 28 W NCAAB Fresno St. 1000
Expert's Edge
  • NCAA Tournament Value Futures Odds

    The start of the month of March can mean only one thing: let the madness begin. Looking at some recently updated betting odds to win this season’s men’s NCAA Tournament, Doc’s Sports has found some serious value in a few of the teams that should figure prominently in this year’s Big Dance.

  • Top 5 NBA Betting Teams Down the Stretch

    The NBA regular season is headed for the stretch run to the playoffs with the month of February rapidly coming to a close. Teams such as Atlanta in the East and Golden State in the West have led the way both straight up on the court and against the spread for most of the season, but Doc’s Sports is looking for a few teams that might be able to help line our pockets heading into the final third of the 82-game schedule. Here are five that might do the trick.

  • NBA Players that Move the Odds

    The NBA is in the middle of its annual break for the All-Star Game, making it a great time to take a look back at the first half of the season when it comes to wagering on the games. While expert handicappers will break down individual matchups on a number of levels when it comes to formulating their picks, there are certain players in the NBA that always have to be accounted for when it comes to setting and moving the betting lines.

About Doc's

Name: Doc's Sports

Years in handicapping: 43 years in the handicapping business. Doc’s Sports started offering clients sports predictions back in 1971 and now has assembled some of the finest experts in the country for its handicapping service. We are one of the few handicapping companies that have withstood the test of time because of hard work, honesty (win or lose), and consistently providing winners to our valued clients.

Achievements in handicapping: Since 1971 Doc's Sports has been recognized and one of the leaders and most trusted names in sports handicapping. Doc’s Sports became famous for our Big Ten Game that covered the point spread 19 years in a row. Doc’s Sports is one of the only handicappers whose powerful influence has historically moved the official line more than seven points. 2012 was a golden year for Doc’s Sports as we placed in the top 3 for overall handicappers in college basketball from 4 different sites.

Biggest win of the year: Our 10* selection with Florida (-3) over Kansas on 12/10/13. Both teams already had a couple of losses at this point of the season but we were really high on Florida. The Gators jumped out early and led for most of the game winning by six points. Florida would take off from here and not lose a game for the rest of the regular season.  

Biggest loss of the year: Wisconsin (-4.5) over Ohio State in college basketball on 2/1/14. Wisconsin was in the midst of a slump at this point (so was Ohio State). We really liked this team and knew they would break out of their scoring slump at some point, it just was not to be on this day. Wisconsin led for most of the game before going cold down the stretch and lost by one point to Ohio State. Wisconsin would go on to win nine straight games after this loss, but on this day it was not meant to be.

Why you like Covers Experts: The fact that we only collect when we provide the client with winners. This motivates us to achieve perfection in order to maximize sales. We and our clients are a team, and we feel the highs and lows as well.

Systems used for handicapping a game: "Often times, less information is available and certain trends stick out that the average person may not catch," Doc’s Sports says. "Oddsmakers set lines to balance the action, so in reality we're often handicapping against the general public perception, and the general public rarely ever wins long-term. The sportsbooks and oddsmakers have to handicap and set lines for every game -- we simply find a few of their mistakes." Doc’s Sports uses a combination of technical, fundamental and exclusive information that they gather from a vast network of contacts that they have developed over the past 40 years.

Doc’s Unit System:

10* Plays – the strongest plays that we make to offer. These are limited to approximately two per week in each sport and have been a big moneymaker the past couple of years. All 10* picks are clearly marked as such in the promos, and they are must-have selections. This also includes our highly regard Game of the Week selections!

6* - 9* Plays – These are top-rated plays available in every sport that we handicap. These are lower priced then are 10* selections and have been high-percentage winners in the past 42 years that we have been in business.

2* - 5* Plays – these are our third-tier of plays and usually sell for $25 and are guaranteed to win. Most of our guaranteed selections fall into this group, and the same amount of research goes into these plays as do our 10* selections. They are highly-rated daily plays and have been profitable over the years!

1* Plays – these plays usually consist of free selections and can be found on our Covers Expert page for no charge. Doc’s Sports may also release a 1* guaranteed play on a TV Game for only $25, allowing you to watch your wallet fatten.

Favorite team to wager on or against: Nevada Wolf Pack in college football and basketball. Our main handicapper lives in the Reno area and has a great feel for the Wolf Pack and the Mountain West Conference in general. Over the course of each season you will see numerous top plays from this conference as we fully expect to collect on two out of every three plays we release from the MWC.

Team you avoid when wagering: Michigan State. This is a team that has frustrated us over the years in both football and basketball. Their football team has been unpredictable this decade and wins games when they appear flat and loses games when then have the momentum. We did use them as our top bowl selection in 2012, and they came through for us. But nothing is ever easy with this team. Every year they win games that they should not and lose to teams that they are much better then.

Sports, conferences and divisions the service excels at handicapping: At Doc’s Sports we've built our name by becoming one of the best in handicapping college sports. That still holds true today, as our best results still come from college football and college basketball. We also have full time handicappers for NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and major horse races, and we feel we have some of the top experts in the country in these designated fields. We are a worldwide company and have offices in Wisconsin, Reno, and Las Vegas, and we have the resources to staff full-time handicappers in the above mentioned sports.

Quote: Doc’s Sports loves the feeling of being able to help people make money when facing challenging odds. Good money can be made if one has the connections, and, here at Doc's Sports, we pride ourselves on uncovering the edge that gives the consumers the ability to beat the books on a consistent basis.