Bryan Power

7 Plays Monday

"The Real Deal" Bryan Power certainly isn't afraid to "toot his own horn" when he's winning. Similarly, he won't hide when things aren't going so well. The last week was trying & know that NO ONE is more frustrated by that than BP.

Power will point out that last Monday, he went a SWEET 5-2 overall. He comes back w/ SEVEN more winners today!

~INSANE 83-57-3 NBA Run~ Bettors have profited $20,000 since Feb 5!

Capper Rankings
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Last 10 Picks 3 - 7 ( 30% )
Apr 26 W NHL Minnesota 800
Apr 26 L MLB U (NYM at NYY) -1140
Apr 26 L MLB Oakland -1200
Apr 26 L NBA U (LAC at SA) -1100
Apr 25 W MLB San Francisco 1160
Apr 25 W MLB Baltimore 1000
Apr 25 L NBA Portland -1030
Apr 25 L MLB Seattle -1280
Apr 25 L NBA New Orleans -856
Apr 25 L NHL Tampa Bay -1050
Expert's Edge
About Power

Name: Bryan Power. AKA "The Real Deal"

Age: 39

Achievements in Handicapping: Bryan Power's handicapping background is somewhat unique. Unlike many other professional handicappers, Bryan hasn't won any handicapping competitions; he's never entered one. He's never written any books, nor has he appeared on TV or radio. He likely never will. From the very beginning, Power's entire focus has been on making money.

From almost the minute he came aboard Covers Experts, Bryan Power has shown just why he was so sought after. He wins & wins BIG!

Power first began posting plays here in August of 2011. He ripped off an INCREDIBLE first week of selections, going 19-4-1 his first 24 MLB picks. Since that time, he's hardly stopped. He's only continued winning.

After a MARVELOUS first football season, 2012 saw Power winning big from almost day one. He showed a big profit each of the first four months & ended the year with an ASTOUNDING 983 Winners for the calender year!

Biggest Win of 2014 (so far):  The Seahawks over the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII not only capped a remarkable 10-2-1 ATS NFL playoff run, but carried special meaning for Power as he bet Seattle to win the Super Bowl prior to the start of the season.  A Seahawks team that Power felt was the best all season long completely dominated Denver from start to finish for one of his best bets ever. It also capped a 39-18-1 Run to end the NFL season! 

Worst Loss of 2013:  Without question, this would be the debacle that ensued in Evanston on a Saturday night in early October as Northwestern hosted Ohio State.  The underdog Wildcats led outright much of the way, but gave up the go-ahead score with just over five minutes left.  They trailed 34-30, but were getting seven points, so Power was still okay.  We know what happened from there.  A fumble into the end zone on the game's final play was recovered by Ohio State. Final score: 40-30 Buckeyes.  Awful, awful, awful.  

Why I like Covers Experts: Power could sell his selections anywhere but chose Covers Experts primarily for the following reasons. As the biggest site, it offers him the best exposure. More importantly, Covers Experts has an impeccable reputation and Bryan has gotten to know management personally.

Your favorite stats/pages on Covers: Power has the front page of Covers set as his personal home page. The articles are constantly fresh and relevant to the current day's sports-betting events.

Ratings of Plays: Bryan employs a variety of titles and star ratings to denote the strength of his selections. Here is a brief explanation: All of Bryan’s plays will be rated between 1-10 stars. Naturally, his 10 star plays are his strongest. Plays rated 5* or lower are typically “free” plays that don’t count towards the overall record, but can also be on larger favorites in money line sports that when released as premium selections do, in fact, count towards the overall record.

Bryan's Trademark Plays:

Ultimate Power – this is the strongest designation Bryan gives (always a 10*)
Super Power – this is the second strongest designation Bryan gives (always a 10*)
Total Power – the strongest total Bryan releases (always a 10*)

Systems used for Handicapping: Bryan's passion for sports, seemingly unlimited energy and his love of numbers have made him an unstoppable force. He has his own personal (and private) set of "power rankings" which he is constantly adjusting. He makes a line for every game on the board, well before one is officially released. More often than not, his number is bang on. When it's not, in order to find out why, he digs deeper. That's just the beginning. From there, he incorporates a combination of fundamental, situational, and statistical factors. Using the knowledge he gained as a child, Power acutely understands the need to adapt. Sports-betting is constantly changing. What works one season (or week) won't necessarily work the next.

Favorite Team to Wager on or Against: Bryan doesn't have favorites. Give him an edge and he'll play on or against any team. Whether its football, basketball, baseball; or something more obscure like backgammon or women's basketball, the smart money is on Power to finish on top.

Sports and Conferences he Excels at Handicapping: Over the years, Power has beaten them all. Just as he has no favorite teams, he has no favorite sport. Offshore insiders, fortunate enough to be in Bryan's "inner circle," have witnessed his remarkable success rate with the mainstream sports, like NFL, NBA and NCAA football/basketball. However, Bryan's success with the lesser sports has also quietly become the "stuff of legend." Start following today and you'll see what we mean!

Quote: Power draws inspiration from many sources and has been fondly referred to as a walking encyclopedia. When asked "what his secret is," he's been known to reply with this simple quote from Colin Powell: "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure."