• UNREAL 94-40 ($31K) 2014 HOCKEY RECORD
  • SICK 54-24 MLB RUN (20-7 L27)

Ben Burns



Ben Burns has produced MASSIVE profits EVERY single month in 2014, winning large in January, February AND March. 

While he gave some back Tuesday, when all is said and done, he expects the same to be true of April.

Wednesday will see Burns release three plays, one in each sport. All are ready to go. 

Treat yourself to a weekly/monthly all sports pass & ride the wave. You'll be glad you did. (Playoff passes also available!)

Last 10 Picks 7 - 3 ( 70% )
Apr 23 W MLB Seattle 1000
Apr 22 W MLB Detroit 900
Apr 22 W NBA Indiana 1000
Apr 22 L MLB Seattle -1360
Apr 22 L NHL U (SJ at LA) -1000
Apr 22 L NBA Chicago -990
Apr 21 W NBA L.A. Clippers 1000
Apr 21 W NHL U (ANA at DAL) 800
Apr 21 W NHL Chicago 900
Apr 21 W MLB Atlanta 700
Expert's Edge
  • Utah vs. Utah State ~ A look back at last year

    Often, paying attention to history helps improve one's handicapping. Often, it can also help to review one's past football picks. The good ones and the bad ones.
    Pro handicapper Ben Burns is coming off an excellent college football season, one which began with an opening night sweep and which included a winner on Utah State over Utah.
  • NFL Week 1 Lines: Champs Getting Little Respect

    As far as I'm concerned, its never too early to think about the NFL.

    Some shops have posted early Week 1 lines. I'm not recommending on getting down on any at the moment.

    However, I do find it interesting - and often informative - to compare these early "spring" lines to the ones that we'll see after the preseason is finished.

  • NHL Playoffs Opening Round Series Prices

    Earlier today, I listed the various odds to win the conferences and Stanley Cup.

    The lines are now out on teams to advance past the opening round.

    With four of the eight favorites opening at less than -150, it appears that we've got the makings of an exciting first round.

About Burns

Age: 40

Years in handicapping: I've followed sports very closely all my life. From an early age it became apparent to family and friends that I wasn't a "typical" fan. At age 11, I was mentioned in a major newspaper for correctly predicting a high profile trade before the Major League Baseball trading deadline. Nearly a decade and many winning "contests" later, I began wagering on sports seriously. Inspired by own personal success and encouraged by my peers, I made my picks available to the public in 1998.

Achievements in handicapping: From the years of 1998-2007, I had my selections independently documented at one of the Internet's most respected sports monitors, Big Guy Sports. During that time, I earned literally dozens of documented Top 3 finishes in football, basketball, baseball AND hockey, including numerous #1 titles. While the first place national titles were a significant accomplishment, I'm more proud of my "All-Time" achievements. Check this out - at the same monitor (Big Guy Sports), I rank as the #1 NFL handicapper of All-Time. That's over the span of more than a decade and competing against a field of 150 of the biggest names in the industry. In fact, no competing handicapping service there has ever close to matching my NFL record. At the same monitor, I still rank as the #1 combined NFL/NCAA football handicapper. I no longer participate in monitors or contests, instead focusing every ounce of my energy (and then some!) into my daily handicapping endeavors. Perhaps, if my all-time record is ever challenged, I will "come out of retirement."

Biggest Win of 2014: I had a fantastic year "across the board" in 2013 and its carried over into 2014. As I update this page in early April, I've produced significant profits in every single month, winning in January, February and March. I can't point to one particular win as my biggest. Every victory is big and they've all contributed to my current +$70K All Sports

Why you like Covers Experts: Covers Experts is the most popular handicapping site on the Internet and I'm proud to be a part of it. The site is extremely professional and the handicapping talent is top notch. I like the fact that customers are only charged if they profit and I also like that there are records of all the handicappers' past picks. Accountability is everything in this industry.

Favorite stats/pages on Covers: The articles on the home page are often very informative and/or entertaining. The "matchup reports" are an excellent handicapping tool and the scoreboard is also first rate. Additionally, I find the "consensus reports" to be valuable, as they can help provide some insight into which side or total the public is backing, which can often help in predicting line moves.

Systems used for handicapping: I'm somewhat hard to "define" as a handicapper, as I really don't rely on any one particular methodology. Rather, I combine fundamental, technical and situational techniques, making use of any and all data, which I deem to be relevant. I always pay particular attention to the 'situational' side of things. Among numerous other factors, this includes trying to determine when (and why) a team will be extra motivated ("pumped up") to play its best and also when a team may be ripe for a "letdown." By nature, I'm a "contrarian." This trait is often revealed in my selections. In other words, many of my plays tend to be opposite the plays of the majority of the betting public. I should clarify that I don't consciously choose to go against the public, more often than not, it just works out that way.

Rating and Titles of Plays: I use a scale of 5-10 to show my level of confidence with each play. In order to give the player a better idea of what to expect, I often include various "titles" with my plays. The meanings or definitions of some of these titles appear below.

Complimentary Play - These are opinions which didn't make the grade as premium plays. They are not part of the overall program and are not counted in any records. That said, they've fared very well over the years, so are
well worth paying attention to.

Regular play (no title) - Can be favorites, underdogs, and/or totals.

Annihilator - Side or total which has potential to "annihilate" the pointspread.

Personal Favorite - Strongest favorite (or pick'em game) in that sport for the day.

Best Bet - Strongest underdog (or pick'em game) in that sport for the day, occasionally can be a total.

Blue Chip Total - Strongest rated total in that sport/category for the day. Longtime followers will tell you that my totals have been a "blue chip" investment over the past decade.

Main Event - Top rated favorite, dog or total which is always featured on television.

Game Of The Week - Top rated side or total for that particular week.

Best Of the Best - Equivalent to a Game of the Month or Game of the Year selection.

Favorite team to wager on or against: This varies from year to year. I'm constantly searching for 'value' against the number and that often involves wagering on low profile teams and/or wagering against teams which the public has fallen in love with.

Sports, conferences and divisions he excels at handicapping: I've had both winning and losing streaks and seasons in all sports. That said, I'm confident in my ability to beat them all and have done so over the longterm. In all sports, I tend to fare especially well in the playoffs/postseason. I've also always enjoyed particular success with football and basketball totals.

Quote: Sports handicapping is both my job and my passion. I work incredibly long hours and am proud of the product that I release. My game writeups and longterm records speak for themselves.