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The 'Auto Racing Advisor' is a motorsport industry veteran named Eric Smith - the lead Writer/Editor for Race Review Online. Eric is a jack of all trades when it comes to motorsports as he’s been covering both NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula One action since 2010. He’s been credentialed to numerous events all over the country and featured in several national publications.

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Expert's Edge
  • NASCAR Betting Trends For Daytona 500

    NASCAR's biggest race just so happens to be the first race of the season. With that being said, it's a hard one to predict because of that factor. Lets break down the race to make it easier to do so.

  • NASCAR Betting Trends Heading Into Bettors Favor

    The way the NASCAR season is shaping up, we've seen some unlikely winners over the last nine races. That's allowed for odds to move into the bettors favor

  • F1/NASCAR Not Seeing Much Parity

    Betting on Formula One and NASCAR has become more and more difficult through the 2018 season. In fact, if you really go back to the last few years, the odds are stacked against bettors. It's becoming a risk vs. reward campaign. 

About Auto Racing Advisor

Age: 32


While this is the first dabble Eric is taking into the motorsports betting community, he's far from a rookie in auto racing in general. Eric has always been a big racing fan from an early age and has since been rewarded by covering auto racing on a regular basis for the last eight years. Lets get to know him a little better and find out why he's so vast with racing knowledge. Eric's racing passion first started when he went to his first Indianapolis 500 at the young age of 2. While his parents must have been crazy to take a toddler to such a big spectacle at such an early age, his love affair of racing started then. From learning his numbers, colors,  shapes and anything else you could learn, most of that occurred at a race track. He was hooked. While most kids read books catered to their respective reading levels growing up, Eric began reading and memorizing racing programs and newspapers. That led to an even stronger passion.

Eric's uncle worked on INDYCAR pit crews throughout his years and often let him travel to races with him. That combined with his grandpa going to every Indy 500 since 1959 and his dad going every year since 1977, this is a big racing family with a big racing history. While there's been over 750 drivers to ever race in the Indy 500, there's never been one with the last name of Smith. Eric knew that racing wasn't in his cards, so he wanted to do the next closest step, be a part of the media covering it.

He began to look at racing differently. Most watch the cars, Eric analyzes them. Why are they running this line? Why is this car fast but that one not? Who has been good at some tracks and not good at others? What moves could be made in the future? Everything is looked at closely. It's paid off in big dividends too.


Eric's racing knowledge and background led him to a professional writing opportunity covering both NASCAR and INDYCAR in 2010. That has since grown to where he's a fully licensed annual credential holder by both series' and has seen his work published by national media outlets. He regularly contacts current and former drivers and gets stat sheets and information straight from each series to make educated picks on who will be contenders to win each race. Most see lap times, Eric gets a deeper look that others don't. That has led to him finishing third in the entire globe of Fantasy IndyCar two years ago and constantly picking race winners across multiple forms of motorsports for each race.

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