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AAA Sports DID IT AGAIN on Sunday, going 2-1 w/ their TOP RATED 10* NFL picks! They enter Week 5 on an INSANE 8-1 (89%) run w/ their L9 TOP RATED 10* NFL selections! EASILY nailed College Football "TOTAL OF YEAR" last week, don't dare miss their NCAAF "SIDE OF THE YEAR" going in Week 6! MASSIVE 2nd Half MLB run, 90-53 +$12,422 incl. a 10* WINNER on Mid Summer Classic, HUGE 11-2 (85%) MLB "GAME OF WEEK" run! NBA L2 Years = +$45,000 units + NHL L2 Years = +$21,000 units = +$66,000 units combined!


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Last 10 Picks 3 - 7 ( 30% )
Oct 5 L NFL Seattle -920
Oct 4 W NFL U (NYG at BUF) 1000
Oct 4 W NFL Washington 1000
Oct 4 L NFL Arizona -984
Oct 4 L NFL Indianapolis -800
Oct 4 L NFL Miami -1200
Oct 3 W NCAAF U (WKU at RICE) 1000
Oct 3 L NCAAF U (ARIZ at STAN) -1100
Oct 3 L NCAAF U (BAY at TTU) -1100
Oct 3 L NCAAF Michigan State -1100
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About AAA

Interview: Read AAA's exculsive interview with the Covers Experts manager HERE


Name: AAA Sports

Background: It’s been a meteoric rise for AAA Sports since it broke onto the national scene in the Summer of 2012.


2012: AAA Sports finished among the nation's leaders in the NFL.

2013: The stars aligned for AAA Sports, it would finish among the best in the World in College Football, the NBA and in the NHL (both in the regular season and in the playoffs).

AAA Sports accomplished what no other handicapper or service has ever done in the history of the industry in 2013/14, ultimately finishing with three Top 5 placements in three different sports in the same wagering season (was widely regarded as one of the most decorated services in the World that year).

2014: AAA Sports would finish among the countries elite in the NFL Preseason.

2015: AAA Sports would once again finish among the absolute best on the planet in the National Basketball Association.

AAA Sports' Lifetime Records In NBA, College Football, NFL and NHL:

NBA Lifetime: +$35,810
College Football Lifetime: +$26,472
NFL Lifetime: +$12,289
NHL Lifetime: +$15,560

That's a 100% DOCUMENTED +$90,131 in profits between these four sports.

What can you expect with a weekly/monthly or sport specific subscription in 2015/16?

A LOT of plays!

AAA Sports plays almost every single "weeknight" Football game (both the NFL and College), as well as 5 to 7 game Football cards on Saturday and Sunday. You can also expect large NBA, NHL and College Basketball cards each and every day possible. AAA Sports didn't put together its amazing life-time records by playing passively!

Included with the NFL and College Football packages are ALL of AAA Sports "FUTURES" wagers (seven different bets in total this season!).

AAA Sports released FOUR 10* NCAAF "futures" wagers before the 2014/15 season started: Ohio State to win the Big Ten (-110), Baylor to win the Big 12 (+240), Alabama to win the SEC (+110), and UCLA to win the Pac 12 (+340): AAA was 3-1 (75%) +$3,500 w/ those futures.

AAA Sports also released all eight NFL division winners before the 2014/15 season started and would go 5-3 (63%).

Ratings of Plays: Plays are rated on 1-10 "star" basis. AAA Sports’ biggest football and basketball "point-spread (ATS)" plays receive their 10* ranking. Nearly all of their point-spread plays fall in the 8* to 10* range, as AAA has confidence in all their plays and doesn't believe in significant variances in wager sizes.

In addition to wagering on money-line underdogs, AAA Sports will occasionally recommend a larger money-line favorite. In these cases, in keeping in line with their belief that wagers should be similar in size, they’ll typically lower their star rating. For example, they may love a -150 favorite but only assign it a 6* or 7* rating.

Systems Used in Handicapping: AAA Sports has developed their own form of fundamental handicapping. As far as AAA is concerned, it all starts with an in depth understanding of the coaches, personnel and matchups played on the field/court. Next, they consider situational and technical factors.

AAA Sports’ approach is a little different with professional sports than it is with collegiate ones. However, in all sports, obtaining optimal line value is always emphasized.

Money Management: For AAA Sports, every 10* play represents 1% of their sports betting bankroll. Wager size will vary based on bankroll size. If one has a bankroll of $10,000, then AAA recommends wagering to win $100 on each of his 10* plays. A *9 play would require wagering to win $90 and so on. Of course, in this area, the final decision is entirely up to each individual player and can vary based on individual goals and risk tolerance. A more aggressive investor may elect to wager a larger percentage of bankroll per play.