Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Nov 24, 2015

The undefeated Patriots still rank #1, but their raw numbers have clearly been in decline in recent weeks.  Tampa Bay and Dallas both made big power rating jumps this week, while San Fran, San Diego and Baltimore all tumbled down the bottom.  Get Teddy's rankings and key tidbits for all 32 teams right here!

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Wiseguy Report: NFL Notes & Quotes

By: Teddy Covers / Nov 23, 2015

It’s Week 12 already. Thanksgiving is upon us.  All the NFL Bye weeks are in the rear view mirror, with every team still having exactly six games remaining in the regular season.  We’re seeing numerous ‘morphs’; teams that have changed their stripes rather dramatically in recent weeks. In this Wiseguy Report, I’ll be focusing on key Notes & Quotes from around the NFL.  These tidbits are intentionally short; a quick hitter tour around some of the key morphers in the league. 

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Wiseguy Report: Mid-Season Look at NFL Win Totals

By: Teddy Covers / Nov 16, 2015

The very first NFL season win bets cashed this past weekend.  Dallas fell to 2-7, ensuring that the Cowboys cannot go Over their 9.5 game win total.  Carolina improved to 9-0, cashing their Over 8.5 win total from last summer.  Seattle fell to 4-5.  Even if the Seahawks win all of their remaining games, they can do no better than push their 11 game win total.  

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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Nov 10, 2015

How far do the Broncos fall following their first loss of the season?  Where does Green Bay rank now that they've suffered back-2-back defeats? And how far have Atlanta and Miami dropped following a series of poor performances?  Click here to find out!

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Wiseguy Report: NCAA Playoff Committee Money Grab

By: Teddy Covers / Nov 9, 2015

If we didn’t have a Playoff Committee Selection Show every week in November, this stuff could play out.  Last week, both Alabama and LSU were ranked among the committee’s top four teams.  Gee, wouldn’t that differentiation be easier if the voters had actually waited until the game was played!  We don’t need to rush to premature judgements. The NFL didn’t anoint the Carolina Panthers as the best team following their 8-0 start.  They’re not in NFC Championship Game yet -- the NFL's Final Four.

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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Nov 3, 2015

The Patriots are at the top, while the Lions and 49era are at the bottom.  But how far did Teddy drop Green Bay off their loss to Denver?  How quickly is he raising his ratings on the upstart Raiders and Rams, or the 'back from the dead' Saints?  Click here to find out......

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Wiseguy Report: College Teams Without a Bye Week

By: Teddy Covers / Nov 2, 2015

Hugh Freeze’s quote from an interview this past summer tells us very clearly what he thinks about not having a bye until mid-November:

“If I had my preference, I would much rather have the bye week in a little different spot, but it’s the schedule we were given. I know that we’re better prepared for that type of run than we have been the previous three years, but you never know how the grind will affect you and how the injuries are going to go." 

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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Oct 27, 2015

The Patriots remain at the top of Teddy's power ratings but there's a brand new #32 team right at the bottom!  Check out all the numbers, and Teddy's pertinent comments, right here.

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Wiseguy Report: Ranking the NFL Unbeatens

By: Teddy Covers / Oct 26, 2015

How do the markets rank the five unbeatens?  The New England Patriots are power rated at least a field goal higher than any other team in the league right now.  Behind the Pats come the Green Bay Packers, followed closely by the Cincinnati Bengals.  The Denver Broncos rank #4 on this list; with Peyton Manning’s ongoing struggles carrying more weight than the Broncos elite level defensive stats in the betting markets.  Last on the list is the Carolina Panthers, still searching for market respect.

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Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Oct 21, 2015

Teddy's in depth weekly look at every team in the NFL, giving you the power rating numbers that explain exactly why pointspreads open where they open....

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Wiseguy Report: Jets, Dolphins & Seahawks

By: Teddy Covers / Oct 19, 2015

Week 6 of the NFL is in the rear view mirror as the 2015 regular season approaches the halfway point.  In this week’s Wiseguy Report, I’ll look to answer three questions that stood out to me following Sunday’s action.

How good are the Jets?  

How good are the Dolphins?  

Are the Seahawks in trouble?

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Week 6 Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Oct 14, 2015

Expert Teddy Covers gives us his weekly power rankings! Killing NFL so far this year, Teddy carries a 21-10-1 record into week 6.

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Wiseguy Report: Big 10 Elites Crushed ATS

By: Teddy Covers / Oct 12, 2015

Ohio State has been ranked #1 since the preseason, and since the Buckeyes haven’t lost in SU fashion, they remain #1.  Michigan State opened as the #5 team in the country. Currently, the Spartans rank #4 in the coaches poll and #7 in the AP poll, another team that the pundits have been reluctant to drop in the rankings.  Yet here in Vegas, both the Buckeyes and the Spartans must be described as ‘disappointments’, despite their current undefeated status.  The pointspread is the great equalizer.  

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Wiseguy Report: NFL Sharp/Square Divide

By: Teddy Covers / Oct 5, 2015

On Twitter every Sunday, there’s always significant discussion of what the NFL ‘sharp/square divide’ games are for that day.  There’s an old quote from legendary Vegas oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro that goes like this: “Squares bet teams, sharps bet numbers.”  And there’s plenty of truth to that quote.  

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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Sep 29, 2015

The Patriots hold on to the top spot for the fourth consecutive week in our latest Power Rankings, but the Cardinals, Bills and Falcons all make moves up the board after impressive wins in Week 3.

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Wiseguy Report: College Football ATS Disasters

By: Teddy Covers / Sep 28, 2015

But what about the teams at the other end of the spectrum; the early season ATS bottom feeders?   New Mexico State, Central Florida, San Diego St, Akron, Old Dominion, Cincinnati, Auburn, Arizona State, Missouri and Michigan State all opened with 0-3 ATS marks.  The vast majority of those teams went to 0-4 ATS last Saturday.

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Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Sep 22, 2015

After another win in Buffalo the Patriots are still the top team in the latest edition of our Power Rankings. But the team they defeated in Week 1, the Steelers made big strides in Week 2, jumping up seven spots.

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Wiseguy Report: College Football ATS Outliers

By: Teddy Covers / Sep 21, 2015

In this week’s Wiseguy Report, I’m going to focus on the early season pointspread outliers.  Of the 128 FBS teams that we see lines on every week, 13 have gone 3-0 ATS to open the season. What should we expect from these hot ATS teams moving forward?  And how can we look for those outlier teams from the get-go next year? 

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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Sep 15, 2015

With a win against the Steelers to open the season, the Patriots remain at the top spot, but it's the Cincinnati Bengals, who move up three spots to crack the top three in the Week 2 rankings, that are making some noise.

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Wiseguy Report: Books Take a Beating Week 1

By: Teddy Covers / Sep 14, 2015

“Don’t play road favorites; they’re a low expectation wager.”  “Week 1 in the NFL is the lowest scoring week until the cold weather hits – look for Unders, especially with the highest totals.”  “Beware the public teams; you’re laying a premium price to support them.”  “There’s more value in underdogs than in favorites.”  “The key numbers of ‘3’ and ‘7’ are crucial to have working in your favor.”  I could go on and on, but you get the point. 

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Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

By: Teddy Covers / Sep 7, 2015

After months of speculation about whether or not Tom Brady would miss the start of the 2015 campaign, Brady will take his familiar place under center for the Patriots in Week 1. Because of this the defending champs begin the year at No. 1.

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Wiseguy Report: NFL Teams the Sharps Love & Hate

By: Teddy Covers / Aug 31, 2015

At this late stage of the preseason, it’s very clear which NFL teams are attracting sharp money prior to the start of the regular season.  In addition, it’s very clear which teams the wiseguys are betting against, early and often.  How do we measure and quantify this support (or the lack thereof)?  Simple – a thorough analysis of the Season Win Totals marketplace.

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Wiseguy Report: What We Learned from Week 2

By: Teddy Covers / Aug 24, 2015

In the NFL Preseason, when coaches almost never play for a late game tie to force overtime, there’s an enormous difference between laying -1 and -2.5.  Games decided by final margins or 1 or 2 points are relatively rare once September rolls around.  In August, they are commonplace. 

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Wiseguy Report: NFL Weekend Recap

By: Teddy Covers / Aug 17, 2015

Week 1 of the NFL Preseason is behind us.  The NFL season win totals futures markets are already reacting to what we’ve seen, showing some modest movement off the successes and failures of the first and second string units.  In this week’s Wiseguy Report, I’ll take a quick tour around the NFL, specifically focusing on any misleading stats or under-the radar performances from the 16 games that we just saw.

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Vegas Wiseguy Report: More NFL SOS

By: Teddy Covers / Aug 10, 2015

Last week in this space, I looked back at last year’s final NFL standings and discussed the impact of strength of schedule models on those results.  We’re done with last year now. This week, I’ll focus on the 2015 NFL strength of schedule as they relate to season win totals.  Once again, my goal is to differentiate between the mainstream numbers and the meaningful ones.

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