May Good Month/Bad Month Pitchers

By: Marc Lawrence / Apr 29, 2016

Horse racing fans recognize May as the month of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. For baseball purists May is simply the 2nd month of the 2016 MLB season.  But for die-hard baseball fans, namely those who enjoy handicapping America’s pastime, it signals our annual May Good Month/Bad Month pitchers report.

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Handicapping The NBA Playoffs: Get The Brooms Out!

By: Marc Lawrence / Apr 23, 2016

The NBA Playoffs often find many twists and turns when it comes to handicapping the postseason.  One of the more enlightening is when teams are winless in a series and are about to be swept.  How do they respond? 

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NBA Playoff Zig Zag Theory

By: Marc Lawrence / Apr 17, 2016

In NBA handicapping circles, Zig Zags are trendy applications that have been profitable moneymakers during the playoffs.  The premise is simple: ‘Play On’ a team off a playoff loss in its very next game. 

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NBA Playoff Opening Round Betting Strategies

By: Marc Lawrence / Apr 14, 2016

With help from our trusted well-oiled database, let’s examine four time-tested proven theories that have lined our pocket during the opening round of playoffs since 1991.  Here’s what the machine has to say.

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April Good Month/Bad Month Pitchers

By: Marc Lawrence / Apr 1, 2016

Major League Baseball trades places with March Madness as the sports flavor of the month in April. And as we usher in America's favorite pastime, let's open the season with one of our favorite handicapping angles – good month pitchers.

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NCAA Final Four Out Trends And Stats

By: Marc Lawrence / Mar 28, 2016

It’s onward to Houston for the Final Four games.  To put the wraps on the 2016 NCAA Tournament, listed below are some interesting trends and angles to as our Fab Four heads off to H-Town this weekend.  

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NCAA Sweet 16 And Elite 8 Trends

By: Marc Lawrence / Mar 22, 2016

If you are a player or a coach, there is nothing sweeter this time of the year than being alive in the NCAA Tournament. For those teams that survived the opening two rounds of this main event it’s on to the Sweet 16 and, hopefully, the Elite 8 this weekend.  

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NCAA Tournament Roundup

By: Marc Lawrence / Mar 16, 2016

To make that shining moment happen, let’s take a look at how teams in this event have fared most recently in the past. Because it’s my belief that success in handicapping this tournament is tantamount to breaking the action down into rounds, let’s take a look at some of the more relevant and most recent trend results that have occurred in Round One and Round Two games. Note: I consider the First Four play-in games as qualifying contests, with games thereafter starting with Round One.

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By: Marc Lawrence / Mar 7, 2016

With Louisville on the sidelines paying for its sins (connect the dots... Tricky Ricky in hot water over illicit sex allegations, and the team drowning in sex-for-recruits, and he’s still the Cardinal head coach!), the defacto vote for top gun in the conference this year goes to...

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By: Marc Lawrence / Mar 7, 2016

With four new coaches roaming the sidelines, the SEC is down deeply from past editions (ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi has only four teams from the loop in this years March Madness tourney)...

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By: Marc Lawrence / Mar 7, 2016

If it appears the PAC-12 is down this season it’s because they are. Nine players from the conference were taken in the first round of the NBA draft the past two seasons...

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By: Marc Lawrence / Mar 7, 2016

With only two teams in the Big 12 conference owning a losing record, its conceivable seven teams from this loop could receive invites to the Big Dance.

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By: Marc Lawrence / Mar 7, 2016

Once again this season the NCAA Tournament committee will have its hands full trying to decide which teams to leave home from the powerful Big Ten conference with as many as eight 20-win teams expected to crash the party (and that's not including Northwestern). 

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Poison Ivy

By: Marc Lawrence / Feb 19, 2016

Let’s examine a handicapping theory that yields a much better return on your investment than the banks do these days. It deals with teams playing back-to-back days without rest during the regular season. In particular, Ivy League games, noted for playing back-to-back contests on Friday and Saturday nights.

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NBA at the Break

By: Marc Lawrence / Feb 14, 2016

Now that 2016 NBA All Star game is in the history books, and with an assist from my powerful NBA database, let’s take a quick look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly trends compiled by each team in the league in games played season to date thru February 11th

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Super Bowl MVP Curse

By: Marc Lawrence / Feb 6, 2016

When it comes to the post season, NFL quarterbacks winning the league MVP award is akin to the jinx associated with Heisman Trophy award winning bowl teams, as these teams have struggled since the inception of the Super Bowl in 1967. 

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NFL Championship Round: Q & A

By: Marc Lawrence / Jan 21, 2016

It’s Championship Week in the NFL and with it two teams are one win away from playing in Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, February 4.  Like most football fans nationwide, everyone has an opinion on the teams that figure to advance.  Our database does, too.

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NFL Divisional Playoff Pointers

By: Marc Lawrence / Jan 14, 2016

Since the inception of the 12-team NFL playoff format in 1990, the top two seeds in each conference have enjoyed the luxury of an added week of rest while hosting Wild Card winners in the Divisional Round from the previous week. Let’s see what history tells us about this round in the playoffs.

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Wild Card Round: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

By: Marc Lawrence / Jan 7, 2016

Don’t look now but the 2015 NFL season is in the rear view mirror and with it the start of the Wild Card playoff games begins this Saturday.  Let’s take a look at some of the best, and worst, trends surrounding this weekend’s card. Here’s a brief capsule of the teams and noteworthy trends

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New Year’s Day Bowl Trends

By: Marc Lawrence / Dec 30, 2015

Let’s take a look at what’s trending this New Year’s Six bowl card, compliments of the 2015 PLAYBOOK College Bowl Stat Report.

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An NBA Christmas

By: Marc Lawrence / Dec 24, 2015

With presents stacked under the Christmas tree, here's my gift to you, for all NBA fans to see.
With the Cavs and Warriors taking off in flight, a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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NFL December Team Trends

By: Marc Lawrence / Dec 3, 2015

Before backing teams on the blind it might serve you well to read up on the trends and tendencies of teams from December past. With that being said, here is this year's list of good and bad teams to keep an eye on this month.

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NFL November Situational Team Trends

By: Marc Lawrence / Oct 29, 2015

If Halloween - or the first two months of the NFL season - failed to deliver more treats than tricks during October, it's time we turn the calendar to November for some delectable team trends. Listed below are some Good, Bad and downright Ugly trends compiled by NFL teams throughout the month of November. Remember, unlike ghosts and goblins, these have stood the test of time dating back to 1990.

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NFL October Situational Team Trends

By: Marc Lawrence / Sep 30, 2015

With the MLB World Series underway, and the NBA set to start at the end of the month, October is a great month for sports fans alike.  But nothing surpasses the excitement of the NFL and College Football during the month of October.

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NFL September Situational Team Trends

By: Marc Lawrence / Sep 13, 2015

The pig is finally in the air.That means it is now September and with it an array of NFL handicapping team trends are suddenly in play for fans and 'players' alike.

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