NFL Prop Shop: Off-the-Wall Super Bowl Edition

Sean Murphy | Jan 25, 2013 | ARCHIVE

With plenty of downtime left before the big game kicks off on February 3rd, let's have a little fun with four off-the-wall, non-game related props currently being offered.

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National anthem - Will Alicia Keys mess up the words: No (-300)

Seriously? After Christina Aguilera fumbled the anthem a couple of years ago in Dallas, there's no chance we'll see a true professional like Alicia Keys botch the anthem in New Orleans. I'm surprised this prop isn't being priced north of -500 to be honest. The price is still steep, but this should be a gimme.

Halftime show - Will Jay-Z make a cameo appearance: Yes (+110)

I don't think there's anyone out there that doesn't see this one coming. With his wife taking the stage, you can bet that Jay-Z will have a hand in the halftime show. Rumors have pushed the price down, allowing us to step in and earn a plus-money return on what I consider a high-percentage play.

Halftime show - What song will Beyonce open with: Crazy In Love (+180)

The choice is simple here. Beyonce goes with her most well-known and well-received song to open the set. We might even be able to kill two birds with one stone, as this would be an ideal spot for a Jay-Z sighting.

Barack's team - Which team will president Barack Obama select to win: Baltimore (+300)

Keep in mind, there are three selections being offered, with fence-sitter being the third option. I'll take a shot with Barack backing his neighbors from Baltimore. The Ravens have paid their dues over the years, and they just seem like the type of hard-working team that the president would support.

Of course, fence-sitter is being priced at -575 for a reason, so tread lightly.