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Marc Lawrence | Dec 13, 2012 | ARCHIVE

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

By Marc Lawrence

The college bowl season officially kicks off this week and, coupled with the NFL regular season drawing to a conclusion, a likely overdose of pigskin appears on tap for the holidays.

However, for real football fans the word ‘overdose’ is nowhere to be found in the vernacular.

All bowl stats are from the 2012 PLAYBOOK College Bowl Stat Report.  Enjoy…

Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine

For the first time ever Sun Belt Conference teams landed four bowl bids this season.

Interestingly, all four entrants find themselves favored by 5 or more points.

Sun Belters are 9-13 SU in postseason games since their inception. 

Two teams from the conference have been installed as high as 4-point bowl favorites.

Both lost the game in straight up fashion.

Tale Of The Tape

An interesting handicapping slant is weighing teams and their performance in games against other fellow bowl teams this season.

The best spread beaters were: Northwestern (6-0), Kent State (4-0-1) and Utah State (3-0)

The biggest money losers are: Central Michigan (0-5), Duke (0-5) and Mississippi State (0-4), with USC (1-7) knocking on the door.

In games ‘In The Stats’ (net overall yards versus opponent’s net overall yards), the biggest Yards Per Game stat winners were: Northern Illinois (+143), Texas A&M (+134) and Oregon (+110).

Teams that got pushed all around the field, or the biggest Yards Per Game stat losers, were: Duke (-212), Mississippi State (-194) and Purdue (-189).

Virgin Scary

Teams with new coaches are often elated to grab a bowl bid.  When they do the results are not pretty.

That’s confirmed by the fact that these excited, hormonal teams are just 39-65-2 ATS as bowlers since 1990.

Teams hoping to carry out the daunting task of improving on those numbers this year include: Arizona, Arizona State, Fresno State, Mississippi, Pittsburgh, Toledo and UCLA.

Red Rover Red Over

Week Fourteen in the NFL has been fan friendly for ‘Over’ players.

According to the Playbook NFL Totals Tip Sheet, current streaks include:

• 9-1 ‘Over’ in non-division games when both teams are off a pair of ‘Overs’ and the total in the game is 45 or fewer points.

• 9-1 ‘Over’ when a road underdog is playing off a pair of ‘Overs’ and the total in the game is more than 45 points

• 8-1 ‘Over’ favorites playing off a pair of ‘Unders’ versus an opponent off an ‘Under’.

Play accordingly.

Oil Sludge

Three favorites on the NFL card this week find themselves ‘leaking oil’ (teams who have been out-gained in each of their last three games).

They include: Houston, Oakland and San Diego.

Proceed with caution.

Stat Of The Week

NFC dogs hosting an AFC opponent during Week Fourteen of the season are 21-3 ‘Over’ the last three years.