NFL Referee Tale Of The Tape

Marc Lawrence | Sep 28, 2012 | ARCHIVE

by Marc Lawrence

Vegas is thrilled the real zebras are back at work. Aside from knowing the games are back in good hands, the linemakers can concentrate on making odds based on actual performance by the teams as opposed to adjusting for biases that the bettors were beginning to pick up on (i.e. - higher Over/Under totals, the failure of favorites, etc.).

Here is a synopsis of how the NFL games played out with the replacement refs through the first three games this season as opposed to real refs during games One-Three from 2000-2011 (sans Week One of the 2001 NFL, when the scabs last worked):




Home teams:

31-17 SU (64.5%)

25-21-2 ATS (54.3%)



26-22 SU (54.2%)

17-29-2 ATS (37.0%)



22-24-2 (47.8% Overs)


Home Underdogs:

12-7 SU (63.2%)

13-5-1 ATS (72.2%)




Home teams:

319-241 SU (57.0%)

260-281-19 ATS (48.0%)



368-186 SU (66.4%)

261-274-19 ATS (48.4%)



271-291-10 (48.2% Overs)


Home Dogs:

64-116 SU (35.6%)

87-91-2 ATS (48.9%)


Draw your own conclusions.  One thing is assured, the talk of the games can now center around the games themselves and not the fake zebras.  And to that we say, Hallelujah.