Smart Box Series: 7 Come 11

Marc Lawrence | Nov 12, 2012 | ARCHIVE

By Marc Lawrence

Game 11 of the college football season signals many things.

For teams with six or more wins its one step closer to a probable bowl bid. 

Teams languishing below .500 are likely to be home for the holidays.

So it is too for Game 11 non-winners that ended the previous season with 7 or more wins who are playing today off two losses-exact.

Our best advice for these teams is to bend over and kiss it goodbye, as these losers have a better chance of learning Florida election results first rather than enhancing their bowl chances.

That’s because these 7-plus game winners last year who enter Game 11 this year off two losses-exact with a .500 or less record are 17-37-1 ATS since 1980.

Air Force and Houston will assume the role this week.  And for what it’s worth, home teams (the Falcons) are 8-22 ATS, while underdogs (the Cougars) are just 3-22 SU and 4-20-1 ATS.

While 7 and 11 are winning numbers in the first roll at a craps table, together they are losers on the college gridiron. 

Houston, you’ve got a problem…