If you had to win today in MLB

CE Manager / Jul 2, 2015

Hypothetically, let's say, you had to win today no matter what. Your bankroll being on the brink of extinction. So who would you take? Find out what today's 'guaranteed winners' are and how to improve your bankroll management.

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Steve Merril

65% (22-12 ATS) A/S Run
33-17 (66%) MLB Run
In 2014
3-Game MLB Triple Play

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Winafy Tennis

ATP & WTA Capping
+$1,700 in 2015
56% 2015 Win Rate
Wimbledon $149

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AAA Sports

+$3,000 Football Weekend!
Red Hot 3 Sweeps L4 Days
MLB Game of Week
AAA's MLB 10* Best in Show

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Power Sports

76-56 MLB Run
Overall L53 Days
43-13 Run W/Run Line Plays
10* Super Power *Early*

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Jesse Schule

+$8,178 L53 Terminators
Career NCAAF
+$10,209 Career NFL
Schule's MLB Total Recall

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Al McMordie

9-5 Soccer in June!
118-81 Last 199
Pro Football
Big Al's 3-Game MLB Package

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MMA OddsBreaker

65-63-1 Overall on MMA Bets
+$8,813 with Covers Experts
UFC 189 Saturday July 11th
Weekly Event Pass - $60

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Marc Lawrence

Big 12 CFB Preview
6-1 MLB Win Run
Monster 14' Football
MBL Top Live Dog

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Soccer Authority

+$5,469 L25 Plays Overall
+$4,726 L20 Champ League
+$3,780 L20 Premier League
Soccer Monthly $199

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Larry Ness

Day-X Dominators : 78-44
All MLB: 133-98 S/April 25
LV Insiders : 6-0 MLB Run
Ness' MLB Day-X Dominator

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Ben Burns

+$6,078 Short-Term
Run w/10*s
+$51,499 Long-Term
Burns' 10* Personal Favorite

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Matt Fargo

CFL: 54-30 (64%) s/2012
MLB in 2015
10-2 (83%) WNBA YTD
Fargo's 10* WNBA Enforcer

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Will Rogers

+$7,866 Career
+$5,259 NCAAF (Career)
+$6,292 CFL (Career)
Coach's 5 Game All Access

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Experts Consensus

57-47 MLB YTD
All L45 Days
+$16,800 MLB 2014
Consensus Monthly - $799

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