MLB Power Rankings (Week 17)

CE Manager / Jul 28, 2016

Did the Chicago Cubs do enough to retain the top spot this week? Find out where your team lands in Steve Merril's latest edition of the MLB Power Rankings.

Steve is riding an awesome 29-7 baseball run. Don't miss out on another winner, pick up his MLB Monthly Package for only $299 and watch your bankroll grow!

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Steve Merril

29-7 MLB Run!
+$33,311 s/Jan 30, 2016
175-124 Long-Term Run
MLB Monthly Pass - $299

All Picks

Zack Cimini

+$17.5K Since 4/2/2016
(62%) NBA YTD
NFL '15: 44-22 ATS (67%)
All Sports Monthly - $399

All Picks

Power Sports

72-46-3 Overall L30 Days
43-23-1 (65%)
12-1 YTD Football Record
Game of the Week (CFL)

All Picks | Free pick available MLB

Teddy Covers

41-19 (68%) 10*s
21-7 (75%)
MLB Totals
102-56 (65%)
Football '15
MLB Monthly Pass - $299

All Picks

Jesse Schule

NFL GOY 100% Perfect
458-346 (57%)
Free Picks
11-5 (69%) L16 CFL Picks
Game of the Week (CFL)

All Picks | Free pick available MLB

Will Rogers

68-44-2 Last 114 Plays
Went 4-1 on Tuesday
Long-Term 137-87-6 MLB
All Sports Weekly - $179

All Picks

Al McMordie

386-281 (+$45,859)
15-1 On Games of the Week
68-43 Last 111 Football
All Sports Weekly - $179

All Picks

MMA OddsBreaker

+$6,735 with Covers Experts
MMA Expert Analysis
Stay Tuned For Next Event
Monthly Event Pass - $99

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Experts Consensus

309-208-9 (60%) L526 Plays
All Sports in 2016
Win Rate 7+ Months
Consensus Monthly - $699

All Picks

Larry Ness

179-138, +$8,610 MLB YTD
7-2 (78%)
119-82, +$17,184
10* MLB Perfect Storm

All Picks | Free pick available MLB

Marc Lawrence

71-51 MLB Win Streak
10* Plays 170-119 (+$38K)
2016 CFB Betting Previews
15-0 ATS MLB Power Play

All Picks | Free pick available MLB

Brandon Shively

9-2 L11 GOW/m/y All Sports
Profits 65% Last 55 Days
NFL/CFB: +$47,860 s/2013
All Sports Monthly - $399

All Picks

Matt Fargo

+$9,005 CFL S/2012
+$47,840 2016 Hoops
Football +$69,731 S/ 2013
PGA Championship Winners

All Picks

AAA Sports

43-23, +$6,994 MLB Run
133-93, +$16.1K
+795 Iceland ver England
American League "Assassin"

All Picks

Tennis Insiders

17-8-1 Game & Set Spreads
15-8-1 Last 24 Picks
Subscription Available
Tennis Monthly - $199

All Picks

Ben Burns

45-22 Run w/NFL Plays
YTD NFL Top Plays
+$140K+ Big Ticket 10* Run
MLB Monthly Package - $299

All Picks

Soccer Authority

+$7,040 L20 La Liga
+$3,073 L10 EPL
+$3,616 L15 Overall
Returning August 1st

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