Sunday NFLX Triple-Header

CE Manager / Aug 27, 2016

Week 3 of the NFL Preseason concludes on Sunday with all-day action featuring San Diego vs. Minnesota, Arizona vs. Houston, and Cincinnati vs. Jacksonville. Some big plays are ready to go so don't miss out - close off your weekend in style!

1:00 PM ET: Schule's G.O.M. | 4:25 PM ET: Fargo's G.O.M. | 8:00 PM ET: Burns' G.O.M

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Brandon Shively

NFL/NCAAF: +$47.8K s/ 2013
76% L26 GOW/M/Y All
+$26K 10* Picks s/ July 1
Game of the Week (NCAAF)

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Jesse Schule

NFL GOY's 100% Perfect
90-66, +$9,633
NFL 2015
99-66, +$15,463 NFL 2014
Game of the Month (NFLX)

All Picks | Free pick available NCAAF

AAA Sports

172-113 +$21,823 MLB
+795 Iceland Over England
25-10, +$8,105 All L15 Days
Sunday NFLX 3-Game Report

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Ben Burns

80% NFLX Run
In Top Play Profit
NFLX | Game of the Month

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Al McMordie

421-311 (+$41,843)
15-2 On Games of the Week
74-46 Last 120 Football
10* NFL High Roller Winner

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Zack Cimini

31-20 Streak in MLB
NFL '15: 44-22 ATS (62%)
46-28 (62%)
All Sports Monthly - $499

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Matt Fargo

+$6,630 MLB S/July 25
CFL S/2012
Football +$65,131 S/2013
Game of the Month (NFLX)

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Will Rogers

Up +$14k Since May 1st
A/S Run
71-52-3 LY in NCAAF
Game of the Month (NFLX)

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MMA OddsBreaker

+$4,095 with Covers Experts
2-1 UFC Fight Night 92
UFC Fight Night 93 Next
Monthly Event Pass - $99

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Power Sports

5-0 Sweep Friday
YTD in Football
Perfect 6-0 Run W/ 10*s
10* CFL Total of the Week

All Picks

Dave Cokin

13-5 MLB Run
58%+ CFB Since 2000
Game of the Week (NCAAF)

All Picks | Free pick available NFL

Marc Lawrence

103-63-3 Football Last Year
10* Plays 180-126 (+$37K)
NFLX This Season
NFLX Powerful Top Crush Play

All Picks

Soccer Authority

+$6,940 L20 La Liga
+$5,952 L10 CL
+$5,742 Last 20
Sunday's La Liga Winner

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Steve Merril

42-24 MLB Run
+$25,426 s/Jan 30, 2016
189-143 Long-Term Run
MLB Monthly Pass - $299

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Tennis Insiders

3-0 Grand Slam Finals
Game & Spreads
Subscription Available
Tennis Monthly - $149

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Larry Ness

2-0 +$2,000 NFLX Week 3
233-182 +$8,642
178-133 +$14,516
S/ June
10* MLB Side of the Month

All Picks

Teddy Covers

41-22 (65%) 10* Run
56-27 (67%)
NFL 2015
Texans vs. Cardinals $$

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Experts Consensus

20-10 Run with MLB/NFLX
All Sports in 2016
Win Rate 8+ Months
Consensus Monthly - $899

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