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AAA Sports Hot Handicapper Icon
AAA is 22-5-0 (81.5%) with premium picks over the last 7 days earning subscribers $14,131. Get today's winner!
Spread Knowledge Hot Handicapper Icon
Spread is 76-54-5 (56.3%) with MLB premium picks over the last 30 days earning subscribers $11,817. Subscribe and save big!
power_sports Hot Handicapper Icon
Power is 60-39-1 (60.0%) last 100 premium picks earning subscribers $12,705. Join in on the profits now!

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Handicapper performance ranked by profit over the last 30 days.
Last 30 days ranked by profit W/L Win % Profit ROI %
1 Jesse Schule 59-29 67.0% $11,418 13.1%
2 Power Sports 73-50 59.3% $10,066 7.2%
3 Spread Knowledge 131-105 55.5% $9,726 6.1%
4 Soccer Authority 22-14 61.1% $5,944 16.0%
5 Anthony Stalter 67-60 52.8% $5,431 4.0%
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Betcha Didn't Know 2021 Expert Fast Fact 6/18

Jun 18, 2021 | By: Marc Lawrence

How different will life become for vaccinated and unvaccinated NFL players this season? Plenty. Check this out...   Read More
2021 NBA Playoff Journal (Friday, June 18)

Jun 18, 2021 | By: Larry Ness

Larry's Playoff Journal will be available here exclusively at Covers Experts Monday through Friday by 1:00 ET and Saturday and Sunday by 10:00 ET.   Read More

Jun 17, 2021 | By: Dan Kaiser

If you like live in-game wagering on the NBA-NHL or MLB then join me tonight and get I on the action!!!   Read More



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Covers Experts is North America’s #1 professional handicapping destination and our goal is to help you win money. Period.
Our unique guarantee here at Covers Experts is, “If you don’t win, you don’t pay” meaning that on all ‘guaranteed’ products, no charge is applied if your pick does not show a profit. And because the handicappers are not paid a salary and only earn money from their own personal sales (aka winning picks), it’s always in their best interest to try to win.
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